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Building Settlement

One of the most exciting features to come to the Fallout series is the ability to craft buildings and create your very own settlement. This is a feature that fans of the game have been trying to get implemented for quite some time, which made the E3 announcement an incredible experience for older players. Creating settlements in Fallout 4 isn’t going to just be about building a cool base that you can sit in and do nothing with, but will instead host a variety of benefits to improve your character and offer advantages within the questline.

Start Building

Of course, you don’t get to start with some huge base and an unlimited supply of materials. You’ll have to gather materials before you can start building, but this will make the end product even more rewarding. Different buildings will require an abundance of materials to build based off their components, which you’ll be able to gather up in a couple of ways.

You’ll be able to find materials scattered on the ground as you venture into the world, so keep an eye out. They can be anything from a beaten up old tire to a piece of scrap metal. Almost anything you find is useful in some way, even if it’s a rusty toaster. You can also scrap other items to obtain some of their components, which can then be used in building and weapon crafting. Scrapped materials don’t have to be placed in your inventory so they won’t take up room, but will instead become available when you go and build something.

You now have your materials and are ready to build. To get started, find one of the major locations allocated for building and get started on your settlement! There are locations all over the map and you don’t have to just choose one, you can build multiple settlements.

Settlement Management

While you may want to build your base as enormous as possible with a large variety of shops and merchants, it’s important to start small and build your way up so that maintenance doesn’t become an issue. Your people need food, water, beds, protection, and much more. There’s a list of stats that need to be kept up in order to prevent people from leaving, and to encourage more people to move in.

Here is a list of resources you’ll have to keep in check in order to maintain a functioning base:

  • People
  • Food
  • Water
  • Power
  • Safety
  • Beds
  • Happiness
  • Size

If any of these features falls out of whack, it usually messes up multiple things and makes it hard to recover. For example, if the size of your base is too large without sufficient protection, your people will begin to lose safety which will also affect their happiness.

Weapon Modifications

Your weapons are fully customize-able and their functions change according to how your design its individual components. You will need a Weapons Workbench in order to be able to modify weapons. There are 50 base weapons and more than 700 modifications in terms of scopes, stocks, sights, and more. Turning a simple baseball bat into a bladed one is very much doable with a crafting system this complex.

Remember that all items that can be crafted are designed much like their real-life counterpart. Case in point, electricity is required for a turret to run. So, you will need a power generator and wires to connect them to.


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