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A sense of freedom has always been offered by Bethesda to their open world RPG players. When it comes to having a companion or not, players can also exercise that same sense of freedom to do as they prefer. Whether a player will go lone wolf, or have a companion on his adventures is entirely up to him. However, those who prefer to go alone will receive a special perk such as a lone wanderer

Additionally, players can also have a romantic relationship with their companions. Even though this is only limited to human companions (Mr. Handy is out of the question), it is still possible regardless of gender. There are even some specific trophies related to companion such as Loveable (need to reach maximum relationship with 1 companion) and Never Go it Alone (need to recruit at least 5 companions)

Companion in Fallout 4 is immortal. When it is seriously injured, it will be only in an incapacitated for a while.

There will be 12 companions in the game. Below are 4 examples.


This adorable dog resides in the Commonwealth and can be seen wandering around Red Rocket Station near Sanctuary Hills. Previously, he was called simply as Dog. Until an unidentified survivor informs the Sole Survivor that his name is in fact, Dogmeat. Whether he had a previous owner or none, is entirely unknown.


Codsworth is still alive and ready to be of service to his master 200 years after the apocalypse. During pre-apocalypse, he was the character’s robotic Mr. Handy butler. He can also be found roaming around Sanctuary Hills. He can speak about 1,000 names including that of his master. The loss of his flamethrower arm, though, was his injury during the great war.

Preston Garvey

Garvey is the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen and can be found in Concord. After a group of raiders attacked them, they took refuge inside the Museum of Freedom where the Sole Survivor found them trapped inside. Originally, they were comprised of 20 people, but were eventually reduced to 4.


Donning a red leather jacket and newsboy hat, Piper can be found in Diamond City. She has her own newspaper company called Public Occurrences and has a little sister. She will eventually help the Sole Survivor in entering the city by passing him on as a merchant from Quincy.


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