Alois Floral Adornment, Fishing Float, Ancient Coin
Annette Stylish Hair Clip
Ashe Tasty Baked Treat, Legends of Chivalry, Exotic Spices, Ancient Coin
Bernadetta Armored Bear Stuffy, Pitcher Plant, Watering Can, Dapper Handkerchief
Caspar  Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Hunting Dagger, Whetstone,
Catherine Training Weight, Whetstone, Legends of Chivalry
Claude Riding Boots,
Cyril Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Watering Can
Dimitri Riding Boots
Dorothea  Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip
Felix Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Hunting Dagger, Ceremonial Sword
Ferdinand Tea Leaves, Riding Boots, Whetstone
Flayn Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Stuffy, Stylish Hair Clip, Dapper Handkerchief
Gilbert Fishing Float, Goddess Statue, Ceremonial Sword
Hannemann Tea Leaves, Dapper Handkerchief
Hilda Anemone, Dapper Handkerchief, Stylish Hair Clip, Armored Bear Stuffy, Gemstone Beads
Hubert Coffee Beans, Board Game
Ignatz Goddess Statue, Ceremonial Sword, Ancient Coin
Ingrid Smoked Meat, Riding Boots, Legends of Chivalry
Leonie Fishing Float, Training Weights, Hunting Knife
Linhardt Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat
Lorenz Floral Adornment, Tea Leaves
Lysithea Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Stuffy
Manuela Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statue
Marianne Floral Adornment, Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief
Mercedes Tasty Baked Treat, Gemstone Beads, Armored Bear Stuffy, Goddess Statue
Petra Hunting Dagger, Exotic Spices, Smoked Meat
Raphael Tasty Baked Treat, Smoked Meat, Training Weight
Rhea Goddess Statue, Ancient Coin, Landscape Painting
Seteth Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief
 Shamir Hunting Dagger, Exotic Spices, Coffee Beans
 Sylvain Dapper Handkerchief, Board Game

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