Lost Items


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lost Items Guide

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses you can find some random items that belong to someone. Select “Lost Items” while talking to a person and give them the correct item to increase your relationship with them.

Item Name Person
A Treatise On Etiquette Lorenz
Agricultural Survey Ferdinand
Animal Bone Dice Shamir
Animated Bait Linhardt
Annotated Dictionary Petra
Antique Clasp Flayn
Art Book Ignatz
Artificial Flowers Lorenz
Badge Of Graduation Catherine
Bag Of Seeds Marianne
Bag Of Tea Leaves Ferdinand
Big Spoon Raphael
Black Iron Spur Felix
Black Leather Gloves Dimitri
Blue Stone Ignatz
Board Game Piece Claude
Book Of Ghost Stories Mercedes
Bundle Of Dry Hemp Shamir
Bundle of Herbs Ashe
Burlap Sack Of Rocks Raphael
Carving Hammer Gilbert
Centipede Picture Shamir
Clean Dusting Cloth Manuela
Confessional Letter Marianne
Crude Arrow Heads Leonie
Crumpled Love Letter Sylvain
Curry Comb Ingrid
Dulled Longsword Dimitri
Dusty Book Of Fables Flayn
Eastern Porcelain
Encyclopedia Of Sweets Lysithea
Evil Repelling Amulet Ashe
Exotic Feather Petra
Feather Pillow Linhardt
Folding Razor Hubert
Foreign Gold Coin Alois
Fruit Preserves Mercedes
Fur Scarf Leonie
Gardening Shears Dedue
Gold Earring Dedue
Grounding Charm Caspar
Hammer And Chisel Hanneman
Hand Drawn Map Leonie
Handmade Hair Clip Hilda
Hedgehog Case Bernadetta
How To Bake Sweets Mercedes
How To Be Tidy Marianne
Hresvelg Treatsie Hubert
Introduction To Magic Alois
Jousting Almanac Ingrid
Lens Cloth Hanneman
Letter To Rhea Catherine
Letter To The Goddess Ignatz
Light Purple Veil Manuela
Lovely Comb Dorothea
Maintenance Oil Ferdinand
Mild Stomach Poison Claude
Moon Knight’s Tale Ashe
Mysterious Notebook Alois
Needle And Thread Bernadetta
New Bottle Of PErfume Lysithea
Noseless Puppet Gilbert
Noxious Handkerchief Hubert
Old Cleaning Cloth Cyril
Old Fishing Rod Seteth
Old Map Of Enbarr Flayn
Pegasus Horseshoes Ingrid
Portrait of Rhea Cyril
Princess Doll Lysithea
School of Sorcery Book Annette
Silk Handkerchief Lorenz
Silver Brooch Dorothea
Silver Necklace Gilbert
Sketch Of A Sigil Hanneman
Small Tan Hide Petra
Snapping Writing Quill Seteth
Songstress Poster Dorothea
Spotless Bandage Hilda
Still-Life Picture Bernadetta
Sword Belt Fragment Felix
Tattered Overcoat Caspar
The History Of Sreng Sylvain
The Saints Revealed Linhardt
Thunderbrand Replica Caspar
Time-worn Quill Pen Edelgard
Toothed Dagger Felix
Unfinished Fable Seteth
Unfinished Score Annette
Unused Lipstick Sylvain
Used Bottle Of Perfume Hilda
Wax Diptych Annette
Weathered Cloak Catherine
Well-Used Hatchet Cyril
Wellness Herbs Manuela
White Glove Edelgard
Wooden Button Raphael

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