Octopath Traveler 2 – All Side Stories

The Traveler’s Bag

  • Client: Al (Outside of town of the character you picked first)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Talk to Glowering Man at night in the same location as Al
  • Reward: 1500 Leaf, Slippery Nut, Healing Grape x 3

Toto’hata Side Stories

Building Bridges

  • Client: Human Boy (Beasting Village)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Get Amulet of Affection from Beastling Girl (Beasting Village)
  • Reward: Critical Nut, Resistant Nut

Culinary Cunning

  • Client: Cooking Enthusiast (Beasting Village)
  • Walkthrough
  • Reward:

Pearl Hunt

  • Client: Man Searching for Pearls (Tropu’hopu)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward

Stage Actors

  • Client: Stage Director (Tropu’hopu)

The Late Riser

  • Client: Master Fisherman (Tropu’hopu)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Harborlands Side Stories

Goading the Grapes

  • Client: Grape Farmer (Western Cunning Creek Coast)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Inquire the Grape Expert in Cropdale
  • Reward: 10.000 Leaf, Nourishing Nut (M)

Waiting All Day and Night

  • Client: Waiting Youth (Canalbrine)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Guide Waiting Youth (Canalbrine) after switching time to quest giver
  • Reward: 3000 Leaf, Magic Nut, Empowering Lychee

A Young Girl’s Wish

  • Client: Apathetic Girl (Conning Creek: Outskirts)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Get a Deluxe Crepe from Crepe Maker (New Delsta)
    • Get Adventures of an Apprentice Cleric
    • Guide Roland, the floral designer
  • Reward

Lighthouse Restoration

  • Client: Town Lighthouse Keeper (Canalbrine)

Traveler’s Lost and Found

  • Client: Young Traveler (Canalbrine)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Brightlands Side Stories

A Devilishly Delicious Dish

  • Client: Tavern Cook (New Delsta)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Enter the Sunken Maw through the Western Clockbank Highroad and steal, bribe from the Elderly Fishing Enthusiast. Then go further in the cave and activate a Whirlpool.
  • Reward: 5.000 Leaf, Master Rod, Chef’s Ladle

For Whom the Clock Tower Tolls

  • Client: Clock Tower Technician (Clockband)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

My Beloved Catharine

  • Client: Haggard Man (Clockband)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Descended from Royalty

  • Client: Royal Descendant (Clockband)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Utterly Exhausted

  • Client: Exhausted Man (New Delsta)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Get Miracle Stone from Suspicious Merchant (Crackridge)
  • Reward: 6000 Leaf, Dragon’s Scarf

A Genius Inventor

  • Client: Arkar (Eastern New Delsta Highroad)
  • Critical Scope
    • Critical Earing (Canalbrine Weapon Shop, Hidden Item in Canning Crook)
    • Unerring Earing ()
  • Hastening Hammer
    • Soldier’s Bow (Wellgrove Chest)
    • Great Blade
    • Guardian’s Axe
  • Arkar’s Coil
    • Scrap Metal
    • Ancient Cog
    • Natural Magnetite
  • Tin Horn
    • Empowering Lychee
    • Tin Toy
    • Mythical Horn
  • Elemental Bomb Bottle
    • Fire Soulstone
    • Ice Soulstone
    • Thunder Soulstone
    • Rainbow Glass Bottle

A Gambling Man

  • Client: Concerned Wife (New Delsta)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Get Truth of the Game Parlor from Dealer (New Delsta: Game Parlor)
  • Reward: Victory Ring, Energizing Pomegranate

The Bourgeois Boy

  • Client: (New Delsta)

Winterlands Side Stories

The Sword in the Stone

  • Client: Winterbloom (Troubled Woman)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

The Washed-Up Letter

  • Client: Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife (Lighthouse Island)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

The Baby’s Coming

  • Client: Flustered Villager (Cape Cold)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Guide Midwife inside Flamechurch Inn to Flustered Villager
  • Reward: 3000 Leaf, Nourishing Nut

Wildlands Side Stories

Wanted: A Good Joke

  • Client: Joe (Orerush)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Inquire Harry, Nikki and Ned all in Orerush and talk to Joe
  • Reward: 3500 Leaf, Invigorating Nut (M)

Stolen Goods

  • Location: Peddler (Orerush)

Leaflands Side Stories

Crop Revival

  • Client: Weaver (Cropdale)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Inquire Elderly Woman’s Son (Forest Path) to reveal a hidden item in the house in Forest Path
  • Reward: 3000 Leaf, Invigorating Nut, Inspiriting Plum (M)

The Soused Nobleman

  • Client: Tavern Assistant (Cropdale)
  • Walkthrouch:
    • Ambush or Sooth Drunk Aristocrat (Cropdale)
  • Reward:

Crestlands Side Stories

Will Research for Money

  • Client: Octopus Researcher (Montwise)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Cathedral Window Repair

  • Client: Cleric (Flamechurch Cathedral)
  • Walkthrough:
    • Fire Soulstone L
    • Wind Soulstone L
    • Water Soulstone L
    • Ice Soulstone L
  • Reward:

Tourney Champion

  • Client: Worried Woman (Montwise)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Pilgrim Protection

  • Client: Elder (Flamechurch)
  • Walkthrough: Get Sacred Flame Candle from 3 people
    • Cleric in front of church (Flamechurch)
    • Cleric inside of church (Flamechurch)
    • Cleric near flame (Flamechurch: Cathedral Entrance)
  • Reward: 5000 Leaf, Fortifying Nut, Tough Nut

Hinoeuma Side Stories

Plans from a Ruined Nation

  • Client: Master Carpenter (Sai)
  • Walkthrough:
  • Reward:

Sword Hunter in the Decaying Temple

  • Client: Young Warrior (Sai)

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