FF7 Rebirth – Grasslands Intel Guide

Fiend Intel Fiend Intel 1: Voracious and Venomous Lv. 17 Fiend Intel 2: Bearer of Grudges Lv. 18 Fiend Intel 3: Keepers of the Burrow Lv. 18 Fiend Intel 4: Wailing Weed Lv. 18 Fiend Intel 5: Picky Eater Lv. 19 Fiend Intel 6: Voltaic Canine Lv. 19 Classified Intel: Winged Lacertilian of Yore Lv. ..

FF7 Rebirth – Treasure Trove collectibles

1 Fledgling Chocobo Jockey Complete Hustle de Chocobo in the grasslands 2 Complete Glide de Chocobo in Cosmo Canyon 3 Salientian Seal of Mastery Under Junon Complete Jumpfrog: Whirlgig Whack in Under Junon 4 Peerless Polliwog Under Junon Complete Jumpfrog: Ribbiting Rollers in Under Junon 5 Dolphin Stuntman Under Junon Complete the dolphin show in ..

FF7 Rebirth – All Seventh Infantry Locations

In Chapter 4 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth you have to find all 10 seventh Infantry soldiers. If you find all seventh infantry soldiers you unlock the 7th, Assamble! trophy and you have more options for the parade. In the parade you should select 5 times the same soldiers from the seventh Infantry to get ..