FF7 Rebirth – All Seventh Infantry Locations

In Chapter 4 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth you have to find all 10 seventh Infantry soldiers. If you find all seventh infantry soldiers you unlock the 7th, Assamble! trophy and you have more options for the parade. In the parade you should select 5 times the same soldiers from the seventh Infantry to get the lowest difficulty. If your parade formations are flawless you get a collectible for the Treasure Trove, which you unlock later in the game.

FF7 Rebirth - All Junon Parade Seventh infantry Locations

Seventh Infantry in The Glabrescent Bar

Seventh Infantry in Le Sourire

Seventh Infantry in Barracks – Assembly Room

Seventh Infantry in Barracks – Briefing Room

Seventh Infantry in Larboard Garrison – Storeroom

Seventh Infantry in Shopping Center – 3F

Seventh Infantry in The Full Arsenal

Seventh Infantry on Main Street watching the canon

Seventh Infantry on Main Street taking pictures

Seventh Infantry in Cecilia’s of Junon

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