Soul Hack Ability List – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You can find the Unique Monster Locations here Soul Hack Arts Hard Dig – Sycophantic Lilith Beast Howl – Lapdop Veece Sumo Press – Indiscreet Gombaba Butterfly Dust – Perturbed Bilkin Snake Eyes – Hazardous Jarrahed Poison Spray – Rambler Curalie Horn Dance – Perspicacious Oldar Bubble Cloud – Househunter Carly Tail Slap – Scornful ..

Discussions – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Aetia Discussions Colony 9 Colony 9 Food Issues – Unlocks “A Difficult Transition” quest Colony 9’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “An Off-Seer Anguish” quest Colony 9 Shortages – Unlocks “Lean Times in Colony 9” quest Colony 9’s Situation – Unlocks “Forgotten Supplies” quest Everblight Plain – 100 Bonus XP Gratitude for Supplies – 100 Bonus XP ..

Classes – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Swordfighter (Noah) Noah’s default class Zephyr (Mio) Mio’s default class Medic Gunner (Eunie) Eunie’s default class Tactician (Taion) Taion’s default class Heavy Guard (Lanz) Lanz’s default class Ogre (Sena) Sena’s default class Flash Fencer (Ethel) Unlocked through story progression War Medic (Valdi) Unlocked through story progression Guardian Commander (Zeon) Unlocked through quest Where the Heart ..

Recipes – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To learn new recipes you have to order food in the cantines of colonies. Colony 4 Mixed-Veg Torpedo WrapEnemy Gold Boost 15% Kerfluffled Torpedo WrapEnemy Gold Boost 10%Enemy Drop Boost 5% Colony 9 Yapolta Veggie-BeansCP Boost 20% Feisty-Spicy ZestbeansCP Boost 15%Collectible Boost 5% Colony 11 Mild Game StewCP Boost 30% Mild Sizzle-Fizzle StewCP Boost 20%Collectible ..

Quests – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

An Artist A Burning Curiosity A Burning Curiosity, Part 2 A Difficult Transition A Gray Matter A Lesson in Off-Seeing A More Balanced Recipe An Off-Seer’s Anguish A Nopon’s Counsel A Twist of Fate A Warrior’s Pride A Young Noble’s Request Beyond Mercy and Revenge Big Friendly Friend Bugs Castle Access Charity and Hypocrisy Choices ..

Theoretical Knowledge all correct answers – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Theoretical Knowledge all correct answers – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Theoretical Knowledge Part 1 What should an Attacker typically do if targeted by the enemy? Redouble your attack. Pull back and wait for a Defender to assist. <- correct answer Give up. What is the most important component of a Chain Attack? Timing Everyone’s enthusiasm The balance of roles within the party <- correct answer ..

All Amiibo Rewards – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you can activate 3 Amiibo per day to receive a reward. What Amiibo you use does not matter except for Shulk and the Monado skin. Each Amiibo will give you either one non set reward or a set reward with all its collectibles. Non Set Rewards Shulk Amiibo – Monado Skin ..

All Collectibles – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Check the other Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Guides Name Rarity Location Abyss Lazuli 1 Cadensia Region (Colony Mu) Accord Acorn 1 Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Pioneer’s Inlet, Colony Mu) Ahad Nebula 2 Origin (Supply Storage #1, Hangar) Airy Whelk 1 Cadensia Region (Bannis Path, Daedal Isle) Albinite 1 Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Corne Island, Thurbin Island, ..

All Unique Monsters – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Aetia Region Unique Monsters Sycophantic Lilith (Level 5) Lapdog Veece (Level 9) Perturbed Bilkin (Level 13) Indiscreet Gombaba (Level 12) Migratory Circe (Level 14) Househunter Carly (Level 21) Repulsive Deepus (Level 24) Gushing Masquin (Level 24) Altruistic Maribel (Level 29) Petrivore Judomar (Level 30) Phantom Streya (Level 51) Well-Plated Zelinka (Level 53) Witchwind Kujjat (Level ..