Chapter 1

Balamb Garden

  • Occult Magazine 1 in Library
  • Draw Point “Esuna” in Library
  • Draw Point “Cure” at Front Gate
  • Learn Card with Quezacotl

Fire Cavern

  • Select “10 Minutes”
  • Draw Point “Fire”
  • Ifrit Boss
    • Wait on Name Screen until Timer runs out
  • Learn Card Mod with Quezacotl

Balamb Town

  • Finish a game against the Queen of Cards if she uses the Diff rule

Balamb Garden

  • Get the MiniMog card from kid running around the main hall
  • Get the Quistis card from daydreaming guy in the cafeteria or girls in the 2nd floor classroom
  • Quistis Blue Magic
    • Gesper Card Mod for Degenerator
    • Malboro Card Mod x4 for Bad Breath
    • Gayla Card Mod for Acid
    • Fastitocalon Card Mod for Aqua Breath
    • Creeps Card Mod for Electrocute
    • Tri-Face Card Mod for LV?Death
    • SAM08G Card Mod for Gattling Gun
    • Behemoth Card Mod x10 for Mighty Guard
    • Ruby Dragon Card Mod for Fire Breath


  • Don’t talk to anyone

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