Reaper Review Answers

The World Ends With You Final Remix – Reaper Review Answers

  • Shiki, Day 4
    • Which of these shops are in the 104?
      • Edoga the shop
    • What’s on the sign outside Shibu Dept. Store
      • High Heels
    • Which of these does the BidBanfrog use as an attack
      • Bubbles
  • Shiki, Day 7
    • What’s the name of KuraKura’s saleslady?
      • Yuu Narumi
    • Which of these commands activates HappyBeam?
      • Slash Neku
    • Which brand makes the slogan bandannas?
      • Hip Snake
  • Joshua, Day 3
    • Which of these is on sale at WildKat?
      • Bouillabaisse
    • Where is the phone booth of love?
      • Near Molco
    • Which of these is a german composer Famous for the Musical Offering and Air on the G String?
      • Bach
  • Joshua, Day 5
    • What’s the name of Ramen Don’s plucky owner?
      • Ken Doi
    • What’s the secret menu item he only serves to friends?
      • Insta-Noodles
    • How much will a bowl of shio ramen run you there?
      • 580 Yen
  • Beat, Day 3
    • Psychedelifox is No. 42 on the Noise Report. It’s a green fox. Seen it before? It likes to shape-shift and fool players. So, which of the following can it turn into?
      • A Mushroom
    • Been mingling much? The pins you’re wearing get PP for each person you encounter. You knew that, right? So here’s the question! Whose picture do you see after you mingle?
      • Mr Mew
    • Shibuya’s got a fever, and the only prescription is more Tin Pin! Which of these appears before the game’s title?
      • Inpinciple!

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