Side Quests

100k in the Red
A Rare Sense of Justice
A Simple Errand
A Small Promise
A Taste of Home
An Oasis for All
Armus Gone Astray
Azurda SOS
Barmy Tale of Barney
Blade Coaching
Bolstering Sales
Community Spirit
Doc, the Miasma Slayer
Driver Coaching
For Lack of a Hunter
Forest Trail Antics
Further Blade Coaching
Further Driver Coaching
Further Feeding Issues
Fusion Coaching
Great Tornan Cook-Off
Helping the Helper
Here Be Treasure?
Homegrown Inventor
Hubbie Takes a Hike
Hungry For More
Lighting the Way
Making Up the Numbers
Manning the Gates
My First Adventure
Nuts About Bugs
Passing the Torch
Planning for the Future
Proof of Love
Punpun’s Rival
Safety Measures
Salvage the Salvager
Seeking a Seeker
Sweetest Tidings
The Ardainian Gunman
The Bard Factor
The Fish That Could Be
The Malcontent Doctor
The Secret of Dannagh
The Tornan Inventor
The Travails of War
Thicker Than Water
Trail of Destruction
Unforgotten Promise
What Goes Around
What Matters Most

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