Unique Monsters

Torna – The Golden Country – Unique Monsters

  • Overaffectionate Murph (Lvl 18) (Video Guide)
    • Lascham Cove
  • Harbinger Cavill (lvl 23) (Video Guide)
    • Haradd Hills
  • Handwringing Bigelow (Lvl 25) (Video Guide)
    • Serene Springside
  • Scowing Quincy (Lvl 25) (Video Guide)
    • Tirkin Cliff Colony
  • Sleepwalker Mork (Lvl 33) (Video Guide)
    • Peln, Pilgrims Springland
  • Lunar Amaruq (Lvl 33) (Video Guide)
    • east of Hyber Village, Night only
  • Everdark Erg (Lvl 36) (Video Guide)
    • Lasaria Woodland
  • Gourmand Galgan (Lvl 38) (Video Guide)
    • Wrackham Moor
  • Interceptor Grace (Lvl 40) (Video Guide)
    • The Great Breaksand
  • Nomadic Rusholme (Lvl 44) (Video Guide)
    • Behemoth’s Roost
  • Erratic Goliante (Lvl 45) (Video Guide)
    • Saints’ Practice Grounds
  • Beatific Ophelia (Lvl 48) (Video Guide)
    • Loftin Nature Preserve, Night only
  • Sequestered Ludd (Lvl 48) (Video Guide)
    • Pulsating Passage
  • Inospheric Mitchell (Lvl 50) (Video Guide)
    • Feltley Village (Uccar’s Trail)
  • Ravine Bunnit (Lvl 50) (Video Guide)
    • Hoary Weald Camp
  • Flying Fortress Desmor (Lvl 55) (Video Guide)
    • Turqos Plateu
  • Sentinel Carpathia (Lvl 65)
    • Great Crater, Feltley Village – Unlock Seal of Aletta, buy info at Nopon Halfsage
  • Herculean Gibson (Lvl 75)
    • Wrackham Moor – Unlock Seal of Aletta, buy info at Nopon Halfsage
  • Mesmer Tlaloc (Lvl 85)
    • Streamsand Corridor – Unlock Seal of Aletta, buy info at Nopon Halfsage
  • Hurricane Anise (Lvl 100)
    • Pedestal of Stargazing – Unlock Seal of Aletta, buy info at Nopon Halfsage

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