Heart to Hearts

Story Heart to Hearts

Ardainian Technology (Nia and Tora are required)
That not even so bad (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Poppi α
Why Masterpon act so proud? (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Poppi α

The Real Gramps (Pyra, Nia, and Tora are required)
I liked it better when you were big. (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Poppi α
I think you’re better like this. (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Poppi α

Burgeoning Curiosity (Nia, Tora, Pyra, and Dromarch, Poppi are required)
Should not bother Rex-Rex too much! (Top Answer)
No change
Try ask Dromarch instead! (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Dromarch

Blushy-Crushy (Pyra, Nia, and Tora are required)
Yes I am! (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra
If you think Rex would like that… (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Poppi α

Tora’s Angst (Pyra, Nia, and Tora are required)
Why did you want to be a Driver? (Top Answer)
No change
What’s the most important thing for a Driver? (Bottom Answer)
+300 trust with Poppi α

A Tora and Poppi Production (Nia, Tora, and Dromarch are required)
Let’s go to war!
+100 trust with Poppi α
Let’s wait a little longer.
+100 trust with Poppi α

Bold Adventures (Tora is required)
I’ll teach you all that life’s taught me! (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Poppi α
Maybe it’s better if Nia teaches you? (Bottom Answer)
No change

Dromarch’s Wisdom (Pyra, Nia, and Tora are required)
Nia, how was Torna organized? (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Dromarch
Got any other good ones, Dromarch? (Bottom Answer)
+300 trust with Dromarch

Unforgiving Terrain (Pyra, Nia, Dromarch, and Tora are required)
I could lend out my salvager suits (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Poppi α
Just gotta rough it out! (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Poppi α

Good Habits (Brighid and Poppi QT are required)
I don’t want to lose myself forever (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Brighid, +100 trust with Poppi QT
I want to keep being the same person (Bottom Answer)
+300 trust with Poppi QT, +100 trust with Brighid

Mòrag the Chef (Mòrag, Brighid, and Pyra are required)
I’m not that great a cook… (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra, +100 trust with Brighid
… Very well, I’ll do it (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Brighid, +100 trust with Pyra

Poppi’s Remodel? (Pyra, Brighid, and Tora are required)
Try to explain (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Poppi α, +200 trust with Brighid
Be defiant (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Brighid, +200 trust with Poppi α

The Ground Beneath Our Feet (Pyra, Nia, and Tora are required)
You realize there was a better way? (Top Answer)
No change
All this because of dumb pride… (Bottom Answer)
No change

Growing Up (Pyra and Tora are required)
I agree (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra, +100 trust with Poppi QT
What’s Poppi’s third mode like? (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Poppi QT, +100 trust with Pyra

Little Rex (Pyra and Nia are required)
Whoa, wait just a sec! (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra
Go on then, I’ve got nothing to hide! (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra

By the Graveside (Pyra is required)
Do you miss your mom and dad? (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra
Have you always sent money home? (Bottom Answer)
+300 trust with Pyra

Hard Life (Zeke, Pandoria, and Pyra are required)
It’s such a big, lively town (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra and Pandoria
Honestly, I think I prefer Fonsett (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra and Pandoria

Pandoria’s Troubles (Pyra, Nia, and Tora are required)
I think you’re perfectly fine.(Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pandoria
Are you coming on to me? (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Pandoria

Rub-a-Dub-Dub (Mòrag, Zeke, and Tora are required)
All men here! No need to fear nudity! (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra, Mythra, Brighid, Pandoria, and Poppi QT
Tora happy to wash everyone’s backs! (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Pyra, Mythra, Brighid, Pandoria, and Poppi QT

A Moment’s Peace (Mòrag, Brighid, Zeke, and Pandoria are required)
‘Cos it’s where Rex grew up (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Brighid
‘Cos there’s no place like it in Alrest (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Pandoria

Reconciliation (Tora, Mòrag, Poppi QT, and Brighid are required)
You pay Uraya big fine too? (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Poppi QT and Brighid
You give Uraya Tasty Sausages? (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Poppi QT and Brighid

Curse of the Zekenator (Dromarch, Brighid, and Pandoria are required)
But you love him all the same, yes? (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Brighid and Pandoria
You sound almost like his mother.(Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Dromarch, +100 trust with Brighid and Pandoria

Addam’s Appetite (Nia, Zeke, and Mythra are required)
Addam didn’t actually like Addam’s Embercakes? (Top Answer)
+300 trust with Mythra
So the advertising slogan is just lying? (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Mythra

Open Your Eyes (Mòrag and Zeke required)
Without a doubt. (Top Answer)
+100 trust with Brighid and Pandoria
Would you not? (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Brighid and Pandoria

What’s in a Name? (Zeke, Pandoria, and Pyra are required)
That’s a fantastic name! (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra
Honestly, it’s kind of goofy (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Pandoria

Family Ties (Mòrag and Pyra are required)
Surely he’d be happy to see his big sis. (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Mythra
Sounds like you don’t want to see him… (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Pyra

Mythra Vs. Brighid (Mythra, Brighid, and Dromarch are required)
You’re saying my journal is mistaken? (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Brighid
Are you calling me a liar? (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Mythra

Morytha the Unkown (Nia and Zeke are required)
Because of the Cloud Sea? (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Nia
There must have been a war. (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Nia

Legendary Land (Mòrag and Zeke are required)
+100 trust with Pyra, Mythra, Brighid, and Pandoria

Top of the World (Mòrag, Zeke, Brighid, and Pandoria are required)
I’m sure it’s just a cloud or something (Top Answer)
+300 trust with Brighid
Frankly, I’m not interested (Bottom Answer)
+200 with Pandoria

Before the Storm (Nia, Tora, Zeke, and Mòrag are required.
+300 trust to all active Blades

Blade Heart to Hearts

Walking Encyclopedia (Driver, Adenine)
The history of Argentum, of course. (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Adenine
The history of Uraya, of course. (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Adenine

At the Seat of Power (Brighid, Aegeon)
As a sign of demotion. (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Aegeon
So I’d save the world, not the Empire. (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Aegeon

Impassioned Thoughts (Driver, Agate)
You sound pretty thrilled. (Top Answer)
No bugs around here, eh? (Bottom Answer)
Jahara Bug x10

A Love Too Deep (Driver, Azami, Mythra)
Hey, the more the merrier! (Top Answer)
I could spend some time with Azami. (Bottom Answer)

Bores the Gourmand (Driver, Tora, Boreas)
So you’re pretty picky about your breakfast, are you? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Boreas
What’s your beef with this place? (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Boreas

Blue Blood (Driver, Tora, Brighid, Dagas)
You really lord it over everyone, huh. (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Dagas
I’ve had enough. Toodles, Dagas. (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Dagas

The Purest Beauty? (Driver, Dahlia, Brighid)
You’r pretty beautiful anyway, though. (Top Answer)
Why’re you so keen on nature? (Bottom Answer)

Self-Confidence (Driver, Electra, Brighid, Pyra)
You’re very dedicated. (Top Answer)
Don’t rest on your laurels. (Bottom Answer)

Bird’s Eye View (Driver, Dromarch, Finch)
Where’d you want to go next? (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Finch
You’ve got a wacky craving for adventures, don’t ya? (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Finch

Desolate Land (Driver, Floren)
There must be some way to bring back the greenery. (Top Answer)
It’s pretty sad to think the land might have died forever. (Bottom Answer)

Servant of Justice (Driver, Godfrey)
Perhaps someone punched the ground? I have heard talk of such things… (Top Answer)
Perhaps the Titan moved? (Bottom Answer)

Sweet Strategy (Driver, Gorg)
Is that woman distracting you? (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Gorg
Is our current teamwork that messy? (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Gorg

Atonement (Driver, Herald)
I’ll respect your decision. (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Herald
I’ll keep you in check. (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Herald

Forward-Looking Woman (Driver, Kasandra)
You really know how to sustain your own morale, Kasandra. (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Kasandra
Have you ever considered the notion that thing on your back may be cursed? (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Kasandra

Girl Power (Driver, Pyra, Poppi α, Brighid, Pandoira, Kora)
Hey, just let me look at this view, will you? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Kora
You want a confession of love? I’ll give you one right now! (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Kora

Daybreak (Driver, Tora, Dromarch, KOS-MOS)
Boy, would it suck if this thing fell over. (Top Answer)
How was the World Tree even built? (Bottom Answer)

Mad about Titan Weapons
Newt, you seriously like battleships, eh? (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Newt
Newt, you seriously are an Ardanian army buff, eh? (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Newt

Nim-Speak (Driver, Nim)
Give it a go. You never know until you try. (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Nim
Words don’t mean anything. It’s feelings that really count. (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Nim

Poetic License (Driver, Perceval, Brighid)
Why is it you refuse to kill? (Top Answer)
Why do you help people? (Bottom Answer)

Indomitable Will (Driver, Perun)
You wanted to meet Addam, right? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Perun
You just like being in pain, don’t’cha? (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Perun

Quantum Technochampion π (Tora, Zeke, Poppi QTπ)
Can’t you, like, investigate? (Top Answer)
+200 trust with Poppi QTπ
Are you also in the dark here, Poppi? (Bottom Answer)
+200 trust with Poppi QTπ

Tora’s Tribe (Tora, Rex, Poppi QTπ)
What kind of person was Soosoo?
+100 trust with Poppi QTπ
What kind of perso was Tatazo?
+200 trust with Poppi QTπ

Rough Diamond (Driver, Praxis, Theory)

Life Goes On (Rex, Roc)
Do you want to hear about Vandham? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Roc
Do you wish you could stay here? (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Roc

Sheba’s Dream (Driver, Pyra, Brighid, Sheba)
It would look sublime on you, Pyra! (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Sheba, +100 trust with Pyra
It would suit you to a tee, Brighid! (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Sheba, +100 trust with Brighid

Sisterly Love (Driver, Praxis, Theory)
It’s as if you’re real sisters. (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Theory
You’ve come to understand each other. (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Theory

Not Quite Comfortable Yet (Driver, Tora, Ursula)
Do even I make you feel abashed? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Ursula
Do you play an instrument as well? (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Ursula

Vale’s Weakness (Driver, Vale)
How come you’re such a lazybones in the morning? (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Vale
What kept you up so late? (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Vale

Reunion (Driver, Vess)
You belong to this household, right? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Vess
You knew my oldself? (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Vess

The Kindness of Blades (Zeke, Tora, Wulfric)

Stronger than Light (Driver, Mythra, Zenobia)
Would you have fought against Mythra? (Top Answer)
Would you have been Mythra’s mate?

Torna Blades Heart to Hearts

The Literary Life (Driver, Akhos, Patroka)
So what kind of food can you make? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Akhos
Those scripts have caught my interest. (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Akhos

Muscle Power (Driver, Cressidus, Mikhail)
You seem well-suited to manual labor. (Top Answer)
Secret Location (Clear Sky Beak)
Are you in fact surprisingly dextrous? (Bottom Answer)
+100 trust with Mikhail

A Thespian’s Life (Driver, Mikhail, Patroka)
I think you’re just fine (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Mikhail
I think not (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Mikhail

Free as a Bird (Driver, Akhos, Obrona)
What? You want to fly from here? You can fly? Way cool. (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Obrona
You don’t let reality hold you back. I guess you’re a free spirit like me (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Obrona

Patroka’s Predilections (Driver, Akhos, Patroka, Mythra)
Uh, are we eating just rice? That’s it? (Top Answer)
+1000 trust with Patroka
Hang on, she’s good at tidying up? (Bottom Answer)
+900 trust with Patroka

Jack of all Trades (Driver, Perdido, Patroka)
What weapon d’you like best? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Perdido, +100 trust with Patroka
Don’t you use any projectiles?
+1000 trust with Perdido

Lone Wolf (Driver, Sever, Cressidus)
Do you hate caring for others? (Top Answer)
+900 trust with Sever
Why do you prefer your own company? (Bottom Answer)
+1000 trust with Sever

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