5 easy cheats to get Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts 3

Since Patch 1.9 the Oblivion Keyblade is available but you have to beat Kingdom Hearts 3 in Critical Mode. Sounds impossible? Here are 3 easy cheats to make it possible for any player of any skill.

New Game+

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Oblivion cheats

Play Kingdom Hearts 3 on another difficulty first and start a New Game+ where you keep all your fancy keyblades. It is a huge advantage if you have Ultima Weapon from the start. Sadly you only get to keep your keyblades.

Vitality and Guardian

When you can choose which path to take in the beginning choose Vitality and Guardian. Vitality boosts your HP to the max and with Guardian you get the needed Survival skills first.

Easy Adventure and Premium Menu

After you selected Vitality and Guardian you have a new selection screen. You can choose between Easy Adventure, Normal Adventure and Pro Adventure. Choose Easy Adventure to unlock a Premium Menu with a lot of features that will make Critical very easy. The most helpful might be Auto-Block, Form Charge and Deadly Blow.

Cuisine and Chef’s Choice

KH3 - Oblivion Cuisine

After you unlock the Bistro in Twilight Town, try to cook all the meals possible and buy some from the moogle shop. In the cuisine menu select Chef’s choice and pick EXP Incentive to level faster.

Kupo Coin

KH3 - Oblivion Kupo Coin

Buy the Kupo Coin at the Moogle Shop as soon as it is available. The Kupo Coin will prevent death once.

With these tips you can rush through critical mode. You can see it in my playthrough where I try to make critical mode as easy as possible to get the Oblivion Keyblade!

How easy can you set Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts 3?