Chariot Confidant Guide – Persona 4 Golden (Chie Satonaka)

Chie Satonaka Chariot Confidant Persona 4 Golden

Chariot Confidant Benefits in Persona 4 Golden

1Chie can wake up a knocked-down ally during battle.
2Chie’s Persona learns Rebellion
3Chie can perform a follow-up attack during battle.
4Chie’s Persona learns Ice Boost
6Chie’s Persona learns Revolution
7Chie can endure a mortal blow.
8Chie’s Persona learns Bufula
MAXChie’s Persona learns Evade Fire

All points are while having a Chariot Persona.

Rank 2

Response 1Right +3For what? +0
Response 2I’m cool with it. +3I guess so… +2What a pain. +0

Rank 3

Response 1It’s Cute +3It’s very feminine. +3It’s hilarious +2

Rank 4

Response 1Exactly. +0None of Your business. +2Quit bragging on her +3
Response 2Crack a joke +3Badmouth about Takeshi +2Hold Chie’s hand +3

Rank 5

Response 1Wolfing it down, huh? +2Looks delicious. +3You look so happy. +3
Response 2I’ll look out for her. +3Yukiko isn’t that weak +2I worry more for you. +3 (+Understanding)

Rank 6

Response 1Exactly +3It’s eat or be eaten. +0
Response 2Of course. +3Let the police handle it. +0What a pain. +0

Rank 7

Response 1Hold Chie back +0Fight them yourself. +0
Response 2It’s not Trouble. +3I’m used to it. +0Just think next time. +0

Rank 8

Response 1There’s still time. +3That’s the first step. +3It’s hard to face yourself. +3

Rank 9

Response 1Let Chie do her thing. +0Shield Chie. +0Fight with Chie +0
Response 2It all turned out okay +3You protected that kid. +3That was reckless. +0
Response 3Will you be my girlfriend? (Romance)I’m counting on you. (No Romance)

Rank Max (Romance)

Response 1It was cleaner. +0It was messier. +3It was about the same. +3
Response 2That sounds good. +3You’re on your own. +0
Response 3Embrace. +0Do nothing. +0
Response 4Don’t worry. +0That just like you Chie. +0

Rank Max (No Romance)

Response 1Certainly +0We can be more than that +0


Northern Shopping District

Response 1Where do you like to eat +2What should I do at night +2Is there anyone you like +0
Response 1I’ll give it.a try +2I prefer fish +0My love for meat will win out +2
Response 1I’m a mathemagician +2I’m so-so +2Math is the enemy of mankind +3

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