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Aetia Discussions

Colony 9

Colony 9 Food Issues – Unlocks “A Difficult Transition” quest

Colony 9’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “An Off-Seer Anguish” quest

Colony 9 Shortages – Unlocks “Lean Times in Colony 9” quest

Colony 9’s Situation – Unlocks “Forgotten Supplies” quest

Everblight Plain – 100 Bonus XP

Gratitude for Supplies – 100 Bonus XP

Kite Gone Missing – Unlocks “For Colony 9” quest

Lenny and Eastman’s Row – Unlocked “Shared Secrets” quest

News of Eillis – Unlocks “A Chance Encounter” quest

The Textbook – 100 Bonus XP

Yzana Plains Monsters – 100 Bonus XP

Everblight Plain

All-Slayer Oleg – 100 Bonus XP

Forward Post Camp

On High Alert – 100 Bonus XP

Supply Drops – 100 Bonus XP

Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Glitter Radishes – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Gamma

Namuki – Unlocks “Research Procedures” quest

Request from Teach – Unlocks “Teach’s Teachers” quest

Role Models – 100 Bonus XP

Trusting Teach – 100 Bonus XP

Tutor: Mio – Unlocks “Extracurricular Lesson” quest

Tutors: Sena & Eunie – Unlocks “Live Combat Training” quest

Tutor: Off-Seer – Unlocks “A Lesson in Off-Seeing” quest

Ysorra’s Request – Unlocks “Special Instructors” quest

Tsang Camp

Snow – 100 Bonus XP

Fornis Discussions

Colony 4

Changes – 100 Bonus XP

Colony 4’s Problems – Unlocks “No Want of Courage” hero quest

Colony 4 Revitalized – Unlocks “Beyond Mercy and Revenge” quest

Colony 9 Lately – Unlocks

Crossing the Vortex – 100 Bonus XP

Ferronis Hulks – 100 Bonus XP

Herding Monsters – Unlocks “Charity and Hypocrisy” quest

Imogen at Colony 4 – Part of “Lost Friend” quest

Monsters Around Colony 4 – 100 Bonus XP

Tactitian Plan – Unlocks “Tactical Eradication” quest

Irritation – Unlocks “Exhausted Supplies” quest

Unsent Husks – Unlocks “Meloday of Mourning” quest

Lake Rezzento Camp

Fog and Annihilation – 100 Bonus XP

Desert Ferronis Hulk

Keeping Clean – 100 Bonus XP

Llyn Nyddwr Camp

Crafting Gems – 100 Bonus XP

Tableland Ferronis Hulk

A Mysterious Assailant – 100 Bonus XP

Saffronia Tree

Nia’s Memories

Selias Terrace Camp

Ether Cylinder – 100 Bonus XP

Colony 30

About Armus – 100 Bonus XP

Colony 30’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “Serene Melody” quest

Expeditionary Mission – Unlocks “The Missing Squad” quest

Favorite Levnises – 100 Bonus XP

Free Nopon – 100 Bonus XP

The Real Perpetrator – Unlocks “The True Culprit?” quest

Yuzet’s Reputation – Unlocks “Big Friendly Friend” quest

Widespread Custom – Unlocks “Wish Upon a Clover” quest

Colony Iota

Collectopedia Abuse – Unlocks “Bugs” quest

Collectopedia Cards – 100 Bonus XP

Goods in Storage – Unlocks “Scant Supplies” quest

The Mondo – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Iota’s Goods – Unlocks “Enemies and Allies” quest

Ouroborous Research – Unlocks “The Ouroborous Experiment” quest

Pentelas Region Discussions

Ruins of Seebu Camp

Nopon Cooking – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Lambda

Auto-Levs – 100 Bonus XP

Auto-Lev Situation – Unlocks “Restart” quest

Bountiful Ether – Unlocks “Surplus Supply” quest

Colony Lambda’s Canteen – Unlocks “Lambda’s Problem” quest

Colony Lambda’s Defenses – Unlocks “New Developments” quest

Colony Lambda’s Escellence – 100 Bonus XP

Missing Off-Seer – Unlocks “The Lost Off-Seer” quest

Urayan Mountains – 100 Bonus XP

Cascade Ferronis Hulk

Nopon Levnises – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Tau

Colony Tau’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “Off-Seeing Customs” quest

Food for Tau – Unlocks “Tau-Tirkin Alliance” quest

Forest Living – 100 Bonus XP

Harvest Time – Unlocks “The Harvest” quest

Herbal Tea – 100 Bonus XP

Korresia’s Return – Unlocks “Korresia Finds her Calling” quest

Mushroom Knowledge – 100 Bonus XP

Raine’s Departure – Unlocks “The Hunter” quest

Rope Slides – 100 Bonus XP

Strength-Giving Water – Unlocks “Water of Rhonnar” quest

The Nopon are here – Unlocks “Cultural Exchange” quest

The Returned – 100 Bonus XP

Where’s Imogen – Unlocks “Lost Friend” quest

Engardo Pass Camp

Tirkins and Gogols – 100 Bonus XP

Tower Camp

Nia’s Memories

Keves Castle Region Discussions

Colony 11

Clad’s Unit – Unlocks “Indomitable” quest

Colony 11’s Future – Unlocks “Three Ravens at War” quest

Annihilator – 100 Bonus XP

Easel’s Unit – Unlocks “Rules of the Hunt” quest

Fortifying Food – 100 Bonus XP

Zoren’s Unit – Unlocks “A Warrior’s Pride” quest

Fort O’Virbus

Achievement – 100 Bonus XP

Curious Picture – Unlocks “An Artist” quest

City Discussions


A “Novel” Book – Unlocks “Writer’s Block” quest

Aionios’ Strongest

Blades – 100 Bonus XP

City Clothing – 100 Bonus XP

City Discontent – Unlocks “Choices” quest

Colony 15 Folk – Unlocks “Life in the City” quest

Fortune Clover – Unlocks “Side Story: Eunie” hero quest

Gray’s Autonomy – Unlocks “Lovebirds” quest

Guernica Vandham – Unlocks “Vandham’s heir ” hero quest

Joulietta’s Attitude – Unlocks “Joulietta and Romero” quest

Nia’s Memories

Reading – 100 Bonus XP

Someone’s Sheet Music – Unlocks “Counterpoint” quest

Scavenging – Unlocks “The Scavenger Force” quest

Six Houses Enmity – 100 Bonus XP

The Colony 15 Folk – Unlock “Colony 15 Soldiers missing” quest

White Fog on Erithia Sea (Part 2) – Unlocks “The Mysterious White Fog” quest

Cadensia Region Discussions

Great Sword’s Base

Curious About Training – Unlocks “Side Story: Lanz” hero quest

Eryth Sea

White Fog at Sea – Find part 2 in City

Corne Island

Nautical Navigation – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Mu

Colony Mu’s Future – Unlocks “Unease” quest

Colony Mu’s Salute – 100 Bonus XP

Delicious Cooking – 100 Bonus XP

Nicknames – 100 Bonus XP

Tallow’s Reputation – Unlocks “To Face Forward” quest

What Washed Ashore – Unlocks “Distress Signal” quest

Lost Colony

The Peacful Life – 100 Bonus XP

Gromrice – 100 Bonus XP

Prison Camp

Life in Li Garte Prison – Unlocks “Prison Refurbishment” quest

Agnus Castle Region Discussions

Ascension Grounds

Aggy and Oggy – 100 Bonus XP

Castle Prisoners – Unlocks “The Three Fiends” quest

Enduring the Days – 100 Bonus XP

Eyepatches – 100 Bonus XP

Nia’s Memories

Seeker’s Rumors – Unlocks “Seeker’s True Intent” quest

The Sea – Side Story: Taion

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