Disney Mirrorverse Guide

Which guardian should I use in Disney Mirrorverse?

Since 4 star guardians are way more powerful than 3 star guardians you should always pick your highest star guardians. It doesn’t matter if you have invested a lot of xp modes into another guardian, you will still need them for rifts, towers and dungeons. But focus on your highest star guardians to progress the story and upgrade your lower star guardians. A lvl 20 guardian that is 4 star is as good as a lvl 30 guardian which only has 3 stars.

Which guardian shouldn’t I use in Disney Mirrorverse?

Guardians have a trait which you can check in their bio. Try to avoid using guardians with the same trait and role. For instance Buzz Lightyear and Eve both have the traits Hi-Tech, Gravity Defying and Pixar. Also both have the ranged class. If both are 3 star guardians only use one of them.

How to increase the stars of a guardian in Disney Mirrorverse

If you get a guardian you already own you get character shards, stardust and character signets instead.

  • 1 star guardian = 10 character shards & 10 stardust
  • 2 star guardian = 30 character shards & 30 stardust
  • 3 star guardian = 100 character shards & 100 stardust
  • 4 star guardian = 450 character shards, 450 stardust & 1 character signet
  • 5 star guardian = 1500 character shards, 1500 stardust & 5 character signets
You can use stardust in the stardust shop. Only standard guardians and event guardians you already own will appear in the stardust shop.

What should I use my orbs for in Disney Mirrorverse?

  • Event exclusive guardians(Kermit the Frog, Cruela De Vil or Jack Skellington,…).
    • Buy at least 5 famed crystals to get a 1 star event exclusive guardian which will then appear in your stardust shop.
  • Offers which can be bought with orbs.
    • I highly recommend the minor, major or superior energy offers.
  • Enchanted Major Energy Recharge in the Alliance shop.
    • It will give you a major energy and every alliance member minor energy. But only buy it if your alliance is active and full.
  • Dungeon energy in the Dungeon store.
    • It’s not hard to get to lvl 25 in a dungeon and the rewards almost always pay off. You will have to buy the lowest tier available but should be able to reach dungeon level 25 with 150 – 275 orbs. In relic dungeons you will receive an epic relic with a trait and if you make it to the top 3 you will receive 2 legendary relics.