First Forays into Forging Recipe Book

  • Location: Erik gives it to you
  • Unlocks Bronze Sword
  • Unlocks Divine Dagger

(Video Guide)

Economies of Scale Recipe Book

  • Location: The Manglegrove, Woodcutters Hut
  • Unlocks  Scale Shield
  • Unlocks Scale Armour

(Video Guide)

O Holy Knight Recipe Book

  • Location: Cobblestone, Church
  • Unlocks Templar Uniform

(Video Guide)

Put a Feather in Your Cap Recipe Book

  • Location: Kingsbarrow
  • Unlocks Feathered Cap

(Video Guide)

Twenty-Four Carats of Class Recipe Book

An Introduction to Armour Recipe Book

  • Location: Hotto, Behind Inn
  • Unlocks Bronze Armour

(Video Guide)

I <3 Iron Arms Recipe Book

I <3 Iron Armour Recipe Book

  • Location: Laguna di Gondolia, Small Island near Gondolia
  • Unlocks Iron Helmet
  • Unlocks Iron Cuirass
  • Unlock Iron Armour

(Video Guide)

So You Want to Be a Witch Recipe Book

  • Location: Gallopolis, Inn
  • Unlocks Lamp Post
  • Unlocks Wizard Staff
  • Unlocks Tricky Turban
  • Unlocks Fizzle-retardant Blouse
  • Unlocks Pair of Enchantress’ Gloves

(Video Guide)

Furry Finery Recipe Book

Cutting-Edge Kit Recipe Book

  • Side Quest: A Lovely Letter
  • Unlocks Broader Sword
  • Unlocks Battle Fork
  • Unlocks Rosewhip

Filigree for Fun and Profit Recipe Book

  • Location: Gondolia, Church
  • Unlock Gold Platter
  • Unlock Gold Chain
  • Unlock Gold Bracer

(Video Guide)

A Slender Sword of Solid Silver Recipe Book

  • Location: Laguna di Gondolia, West Side
  • Unlock Silver Rapier

(Vdieo Guide)

Rings Around the World Recipe Book

  • Location: Insula Australis, Island east of Gondolia
  • Unlocks Strength Ring
  • Unlocks Agility Ring
  • Unlocks Prayer Ring

(Video Guide)

Smithing with Steel Recipe Book

  • Location: Zwaardrust Region, Warrior’s Rest Inn
  • Unlocks Steel Broadsword
  • Unlocks Soarin’ Steel
  • Unlocks Steel Shield
  • Unlocks Steel Helmet
  • Unlocks Full Plate Armour

(Video Guide)

Building Butterfly Bric-a-Brac Recipe Book

  • Location: Octagonia, Church
  • Unlocks Butterfly Knife
  • Unlocks Malleable Mask

(Video Guide)

The Dapper Chap Recipe Book

Dress Like a Drasilian Recipe Book

  • Location: Ruins of Dundrasil
  • Unlocks Drasilian Helm
  • Unlocks Drasilian Armour

Your Crafting Career Starts Here Recipe Book

  • Location: Puerto Valor, House south of church
  • Unlocks Jolly Brollies
  • Unlocks Coral Hairpin
  • Unlocks Utility Belt

(Video Guide)

All Things Nice Recipe Book

  • Location: Puerto Valor
  • Unlocks Cute Cape
  • Unlocks Bonny Band
  • Unlocks Pretty Pinny
  • Unlocks Dainty Dress

(Video Guide)

Make a Whip-Roaring Success of Yourself Recipe Book

Sweet Stuff for Swindlers Recipe Book

Down the Rabbithole Recipe Book

  • Location: Puerto Valor, Casino (Reward for 500 Tokens)
  • Unlocks Bunny Ears
  • Unlocks Bunny Suit
  • Unlocks Fishnet Stockings

(Video Guide)

Crafting Comforting Clothing Recipe Book

  • Location: Insula Incognita
  • Unlocks Robe of Serenity
  • Side Quest Making Things Right

(Video Guide)

Building a Blade of Blistering Brutality Recipe Book

  • Location: Lonalulu, Weapon Shop
  • Unlocks Cautery Sword

(Video Guide)

My First Pearly Pieces Recipe Book

  • Location: Lonalulu, Armour Shop
  • Unlocks Pink Pearl Ring
  • Unlocks Rosary

(Video Guide)

Next-Level Neckwear Recipe Book

  • Location: L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles, Bookshelf in northern room
  • Unlocks Star of Clarity
  • Unlocks Full Moon Collar
  • Unlocks Care Rivière
  • Unlocks Protective Pendant
  • Unlocks Dogged Collar
  • Unlocks Necklace of Immunity
  • Unlocks Rousing Rose Collar
  • Unlocks Torc of Truth
  • Unlocks Choker of Riddance
  • Unlocks Papillon Pendant

(Video Guide)

Fine and Dandy Designs Recipe Book

  • Location: L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles, Bookshelf in northern room
  • Unlocks Smart Suit
  • Unlocks Bling-Bling Belt
  • Unlocks Posh Waistcoat

(Video Guide)

Lashing of Class Recipe Book

  • Location: Making Things Right Side Quest
  • Unlocks Queen’s Whip

Kit Fit for a King Recipe Book

  • Location: L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles, Reward for 30 Mini-Medals
  • Unlocks Crown of Dundrasil
  • Unlocks Drasilian Dress Coat

(Video Guide)

Electrifying Equipment Recipe Book

  • Location: The Eerie Eyrie, Cave southwest
  • Unlocks Lightning Staff
  • Unlocks Lightning Lance

Build Better Bird’s Feet Recipe Book

  • Location: The Eerie Eyrie, Behind norhtern waterfall
  • Unlocks Crow’s Claws

Dragony Design Recipe Book

  • Location: Phnom Nohn, house near red door
  • Unlocks Wyvern Wand
  • Unlocks Dragontail Whip

(Video Guide)

Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers Recipe Book

  • Location: Phnom Nohn, Nhou Wat, behind ruins
  • Unlocks Bloodletter
  • Unlocks Sword Breaker
  • Unlocks Thief’s Turban
  • Unlocks Robber Gloves
  • Unlocks Gloomy Gloves

(Video Guide)

Making the Magic Happen Recipe Book

  • Location: Gallopolis, Behind Red Door
  • Unlocks Hocus Locus
  • Unlocks Hocus Hat
  • Unlocks Fizzle-Retardant Suit

(Video Guide)

Divine Designs Recipe Book

  • Location: Gondolia, Behind Red Door
  • Unlocks Seraphic Sceptre
  • Unlocks Angel’s Sandals

(Video Guide)

Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids Recipe Book

  • Location: Zwaardsrust Ruins, Behind Red Door
  • Unlocks Prince’s Pea Coat
  • Unlocks Princess’s Robe

(Video Guide)

Platinum Plating Recipe Book

  • Location: Puerto Valor, Don Rodrigo’s Villa
  • Platinum Headgear Recipe
  • Platinum Mail Recipe

That’s Magic Recipe Book

  • Location: A Cold Crush Side Quest Reward
  • Unlocks Magic Shield
  • Unlocks Magic Armour
  • Unlocks Magic Vestment

The Devil’s in the Details Recipe Book

  • Location: Heliodor Castle, Jasper’s Quarters
  • Unlocks Demonsbane
  • Unlocks Demon Whip
  • Unlocks Demon Spear
  • Unlocks Devil’s Tail

(Video Guide)

A Recipe Book of Regal Regalia Recipe Book

  • Location: Heliodor Castle, King’s Bedchambers
  • Unlocks King Axe
  • Unlocks King’s Coat
  • Unlocks Queen’s Robe

(Video Guide)

Little Lifesavers Recipe Book

  • Location: Heliodor Castle, Queen’s Bedchambers
  • Unlocks Care Ring
  • Unlocks Ring of Immunity
  • Unlocks Full Moon Ring
  • Unlocks Ring of Clarity
  • Unlocks Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Unlocks Ring of Riddance
  • Unlocks Ring of Truth
  • Unlocks Rousing Ring
  • Unlocks Sorverer’s Ring

(Video Guide)

The Mothmask Prophecies Recipe Book

  • Location: Puerto Valor, Exchange for coins in the Casino
  • Unlocks Dread Dagger
  • Unlocks Papillon Mask

(Video Guide)

How to Outdo the Undead (Video Guide) Recipe Book

  • Location: First Forest
  • Unlocks Zombie Slayer

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