Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Guide: Navigating the Great Crystal to find and defeat Omega MK XII

Lets be honest, navigating the Great Crystal is a NIGHTMARE. Mostly because you cannot use the Map, but also because of all the twists, turns and gates you need to use to get through the upper levels. So, I have decided to make a number of helpful Guides to help you navigate it and get all the Items, Magicks and such, in the Great Crystal. This one is about finding and defeating Omega MK XII. I will walk you through how to reach Omega MK XII and how to defeat him. I hope this Guide helps you. Enjoy.

HOW TO REACH OMEGA MK XII: Omega Mark XII is located in the Great Crystal, and the path to him makes your previous visits look like a walk to the shops. Start by using Way Stone XX to reach Kanbhru Pis, take the leftmost exit of the cluster of three, and activate the Aquarius Stone, return to Kanbhru Pis, and turn right and use Way Stone XVII.Take the one exit available to you, and then go right, and right again. (If the Libra Gate is locked you’ll need to take the left instead of the second right, hit the stone, and double back.)Touch the Aquarius Gate to open it, but don’t go through. Backtrack, then turn right, then take the only other exit. Touch the Capricorn stone, then double back, turn right, and then take the only other exit. Take the next exit to reach the Libra Stone, turn right, then touch Gate Capricorn II but don’t go through.Double back, turn left, right, go straight ahead twice, and turn left, and you should be a Sthaana Taurus. Use the stone, then return to Gate Capricorn II. Turn right and keep going until you reach Way Stone XXI.The next area contains Waystone XXIII which will teleport you to the boss arena. 

HOW TO DEFEAT OMEGA MK XII: Omega MK XII is normally one of the most difficult Super Bosses in the Game. In order to be able to face him you first need to obtain every single Esper AND have at least started the Yiazmat Hunt. I recommend that all your Characters be at LEAST Level 85 or above before challenging Omega MK XII. He has 1.3 MILLION HP. He is not weak to ANY Element and actually ABSORBS all of them. So your Elemental Magicks and Weapons will be completely USELESS in this fight. You can actually defeat Omega MK XII surprisingly easily. He has only ONE Attack, a Lazer that hits for around 7,000 HP. Give everyone a “Ally: status = KO – Arise/Phoenix Down” Gambit in their first Gambit slot. Then set one Character to cast Reverse on everyone in their second Gambit slot. Then set another to continually cast Decoy and Reverse on your most damaging character. Then set the DPS member to just make Physical Attacks. I suggest using a Bushi/Heavy Armor Job Character with Masamune and Genji Glove Equipped, and you can even cast Haste and Berzerk on them to boost their Damage and Combos, to take Omega MK XII down as fast as possible. And thats it. He will eventually go down. I hope this helps.

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