Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Guide: Navigating the Great Crystal to get to and defeat/obtain the Ultima Esper

Lets be honest, navigating the Great Crystal is a NIGHTMARE. Mostly because you cannot use the Map, but also because of all the twists, turns and gates you need to use to get through the upper levels. So, I have decided to make a number of helpful Guides to help you navigate it and get all the Items, Magicks and such, in the Great Crystal. This one is about obtaining the Ultima Esper. I will walk you through how to reach Ultima and how to defeat her. I hope this Guide helps you. Enjoy.

*A Prama Vikaari – Facing Gate Scorpio, take the exit to the right.

*Sthaana Scorpio – Touch the stone, then head back down the slope. *A Prama Vikaari – Turn right and go through what used to be Gate Scorpio. * A Vikaari Dhebon – Use the Way Stone.
* Dha Vikaari Kabonii – Take the only available exit.
*A Vikaari Kanhru Ra – This is where it starts getting really easy to get hopelessly lost! Take either of the two open exits – they both end up in the same place.
*Dhebon Hilaam Praa’di or Dhebon Jilaam Pratii’dii – Whichever way you go, take the only available exit – watch out for the bombs!
*Sthaana Sagittarius – Use the Gate Stone – a 72 second timer will start. If you don’t make it to the gate in time you’ll have to do it again, so we’d advise Fleeing – retrace your steps to A Vikaari Kanhru Ra and touch Gate Sagittarius I.
*A Vikaari Serhu Praa – Touch the Way Stone quickly to avoid being blown up my the bombs.
*Dha Vikaari Dhebon Praa – The paths are opposite each other, so to avoid any left/right confusion step on one of the paths; if it goes up, keep going, and if it goes down turn around and take the other one.
*Sthaana Gemini – The Necrophobes will respawn continuously so don’t bother trying to fight them, just touch the Gate Stone. Another timer, this time 144 seconds. Exit through the other opening.
*Sirhru Jilaam Praa’dii – Take the only available exit.
*Sirhu Jilaam Praa – Take the non-gated exit. (There’s some loot behind the gate, but if you open it you’ll then have to double back and touch the previous Gate Stone again.)
*Sirhu Pis Praa – Take the only available exit.
*Sirhu Pis Avaa – Touch the gate. You can now either tackle the Ash Wyrm, or just run through either of the available exits – they both lead to the same destination.
*Sirhru Jilaam Avaapraa or Sirhru Jilaam Avaapratii – Take the only available exit.
*A Vikaari Uldobi – Touch the Way Stone.
*Dha Vikaari Sirhu – Take the middle path.
*Sthaana Libra – Touch the gate stone for another 72 second timer, and head back the way you came.
*Dha Vikaari Sirhu – Take the exit to your right.
*Uldobi Jilaam Praa’dii – Touch the gate and pass through it.
*Uldobi Jilaam Praa – Take the exit on the left.
*Sthaana Capricorn – Touch the gate stone for a 180 second countdown, and run all the way back to where you started (Dha Vikaari Sirhu – double back, turn right, and keep going straight).
*Dha Vikaari Sirhu – Head through the exit opposite you.
*Sthaana Virgo – Touch the gate then activate the gate stone for a 180 second timer, then double back.
*Daa Vikaari Sirhu – Take the rightmost path.
*Sthaana Libra – Touch the rightmost gate.
*Uldobi Jilaam Pratt’vaa – Take the only available exit.
*Uldobi Jilaam Avaa – Take the rightmost exit.
*A Vikaari Kanhbru – Touch the Way Stone. Nearly there now…
*Dha Vikaari Uldoni – Only one exit.

*Kanbhru Pis – Behold, a save crystal! When you’re ready, head through the only other path to face off against Ultima.

HOW TO DEFEAT ULTIMA: Ultima is pretty tough to beat. I suggest to have all of your Characters at LEAST Level 60 before you face Ultima. Ultima has 250,000 HP, is weak to the Dark Element (so a Shikari/Mystic Armor Mage with Yagu Darkblade and Black Robes, to boost Dark Elemental Damage would be wise,) and she Absorbs Holy Elemental Damage (so don’t use Excalibur or Holy.) Start off by use Dispel on her, to stop her Buffs. Ultima uses MP Drain, which will deplete your MP. Don’t try to recover your MP while its active, it won’t work and you’ll just waste your Ethers. Wait until its not active anymore to replenish your MP. Ultima also use HP Drain, which is actually worse than Sap. Have a healthy stock of X-Potions or Hi-Potions and set a Gambit on all your Characters to use them at around, I’d say 50% HP to counter it. Healing Magicks are too slow. Gravity Field is actually worse than Slow, and its way worse if your using Heavy Armor, so if any of your Characters are wearing Heavy Armor, try to switch to Light or Mystic Armor when its active, if you can, and use Haste, but your Actions will still take much longer than usual to complete anyways. At 50% HP she uses Great Barrier to replace her Buffs, so Dispel them again. Now she will start using Holyja, so prepare for it by Equipping Sage’s Rings (if you have them.) Then she’ll start to use Reverse and Curaja on your Team (so change your Gambits to avoid trying to heal your Characters, which will actually HARM them. If your Character(s) are afflicted by Reverse, you can actually Attack them to restore their HP.) She will then cast Reflect on your Party. Dispel it or Equip Opal Rings (or you can replace your Magickal Healing Gambits with X-Potion or Hi-Potion Gambits.) At 25% HP her Defense will increase dramatically, so Physical Attacks won’t do much, so use your Red Battlemage to cast Darkja Magick on her. Keep it up and she’ll eventually go down. When she’s dead you can grab an Excalibur (you know, the one I told you not to use, lol) from the Chest in the middle of the Area.

HOW TO GET OUT: Making your way out is a little more straightforward than getting here – take the exit to the left to get to Dha Vikaari Debon Ra, use the Way Stone there and it will take you to Way Stone XX which will take your party to the exit of the Great Crystal. And thats it. Hope you enjoyed this Guide and I hope it helps you.

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