Justice Confidant Guide – Persona 4 Golden (Nanako)

Justice Confidant Nanako Persona 4 Golden

Justice Confidant Benefits in Persona 4 Golden


All points are while having a Justice Persona.

Rank 2

Response 1What’s wrong? +2Go ahead and ask. +3
Response 2That’s right +3Nope -> Response 3
Response 3I do. I don’t.I have you. +3

Rank 3

Response 1I’ll go buy some. +3Let’s go buy some together. +3He’ll live +0
Response 2I am sorry. +0Hear her out +0It’s not Nanako’s fault +3

Rank 4

Response 1Why all these questions? +0Is there anything else? +3
Response 2They disappear +0They go to heaven. +3I don’t know +2
Response 3They have no choice +0Because they enjoy it. +0I don’t know +2
Response 4That’s not true +0He’s protecting everyone +0He’s protecting you. +2

Rank 5

Response 1Related to you by Blood +0A person you love a lot. +3Always by your side. +3
Response 2Did he say that? +3That’s not true +0You have me. +2
Response 3Talk with her. +3Put her to bed. +0Listen to her talk +3

Rank 6

Response 1Ask what happened +0Swear to it. +2
Response 2He’ll come +3I don’t know +0I’ll ask him with you. +3

Rank 7

Response 1Let’s go look for her. (Doujima +2)Let’s leave her alone. +0
Response 2That’s not true +0Why? +0Okay +0
Response 3Why’d you come here? +0Let’s go home +3Your dad’s worried. +0
Response 4He hasn’t forgotten +0He won’t abandon you. +0Don’t worry. +0

Rank 8

Response 1I’ll help you look for it +3Nothing you can do now. +0
Response 2He’s Lonely too +3Because you’re lonely +3

Rank 9

Response 1I know. ?He loves you, too +3What about me? +0
Response 2He still has you. +3She’s not lost +3I feel sorry for you too. +3
Response 3Talk to Nanako +3Put her to bed. +0Play with her +3

Rank Max

Response 1Sure thing +3I think… ?I eat salad for breakfast! +0
Response 2Don’t strain yourself. +2Let’s do it +3But I’m not your Mom… +2

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