Lost Items – Fire Emblem Three Houses

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses you can find some random items that belong to someone. Select “Lost Item” while talking to a person and give them the correct item to increase your relationship with them.

Lost Item List

Lost ItemPerson
A Treatise On EtiquetteLorenz
Agricultural SurveyFerdinand
Animal Bone DiceShamir
Animated BaitLinhardt
Annotated DictionaryPetra
Antique ClaspFlayn
Art BookIgnatz
Artificial FlowersLorenz
Badge Of GraduationCatherine
Bag Of SeedsMarianne
Bag Of Tea LeavesFerdinand
Big SpoonRaphael
Black Iron SpurFelix
Black Leather GlovesDimitri
Blue StoneIgnatz
Board Game PieceClaude
Book Of Ghost StoriesMercedes
Bundle Of Dry HempShamir
Bundle of HerbsAshe
Burlap Sack Of RocksRaphael
Carving HammerGilbert
Centipede PictureShamir
Clean Dusting ClothManuela
Confessional LetterMarianne
Crude Arrow HeadsLeonie
Crumpled Love LetterSylvain
Curry CombIngrid
Dulled LongswordDimitri
Dusty Book Of FablesFlayn
Eastern Porcelain 
Encyclopedia Of SweetsLysithea
Evil Repelling AmuletAshe
Exotic FeatherPetra
Feather PillowLinhardt
Folding RazorHubert
Foreign Gold CoinAlois
Fruit PreservesMercedes
Fur ScarfLeonie
Gardening ShearsDedue
Gold EarringDedue
Grounding CharmCaspar
Hammer And ChiselHanneman
Hand Drawn MapLeonie
Handmade Hair ClipHilda
Hedgehog CaseBernadetta
How To Bake SweetsMercedes
How To Be TidyMarianne
Hresvelg TreatsieHubert
Introduction To MagicAlois
Jousting AlmanacIngrid
Lens ClothHanneman
Letter To RheaCatherine
Letter To The GoddessIgnatz
Light Purple VeilManuela
Lovely CombDorothea
Maintenance OilFerdinand
Mild Stomach PoisonClaude
Moon Knight’s TaleAshe
Mysterious NotebookAlois
Needle And ThreadBernadetta
New Bottle Of PErfumeLysithea
Noseless PuppetGilbert
Noxious HandkerchiefHubert
Old Cleaning ClothCyril
Old Fishing RodSeteth
Old Map Of EnbarrFlayn
Pegasus HorseshoesIngrid
Portrait of RheaCyril
Princess DollLysithea
School of Sorcery BookAnnette
Silk HandkerchiefLorenz
Silver BroochDorothea
Silver NecklaceGilbert
Sketch Of A SigilHanneman
Small Tan HidePetra
Snapping Writing QuillSeteth
Songstress PosterDorothea
Spotless BandageHilda
Still-Life PictureBernadetta
Sword Belt FragmentFelix
Tattered OvercoatCaspar
The History Of SrengSylvain
The Saints RevealedLinhardt
Thunderbrand ReplicaCaspar
Time-worn Quill PenEdelgard
Toothed DaggerFelix
Unfinished FableSeteth
Unfinished ScoreAnnette
Unused LipstickSylvain
Used Bottle Of PerfumeHilda
Wax DiptychAnnette
Weathered CloakCatherine
Well-Used HatchetCyril
Wellness HerbsManuela
White GloveEdelgard
Wooden ButtonRaphael

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