Magician Confidant Guide – Persona 4 Golden (Yosuke Hanamura)

Yosuke Hanamura Magician Confidant Persona 4 Golden

Magician Confidant Benefits in Persona 4 Golden

1Yosuke can wake up a knocked-down ally during battle.
2Yosuke’s Persona learns Trafuri
3Yosuke can perform a follow-up attack during battle.
4Yosuke’s Persona learns Dekaja
5Yosuke can cure severe ailments during batte.
6Yosuke’s Persona learns Auto-
8Yosuke’s Persona learns Diarama
MAXYosuke’s Persona learns Evade Electric

All points are while having a Magician Persona.

Rank 2

Response 1It must be tough +3You’re bragging about it? +0Why are you infamous? +0

Rank 3

Response 1He’s sounding like you too.Teddie’s cute +2Hmm, you’re looking hairier +3
Response 2You don’t block them? +0Why, not change addresses? +0Eh, what can you do. +0

Rank 4

Response 1That must be hard. +1Don’t strain yourself. +2You’re incredible. +3
Response 2That’s the spirit! +3Don’t get too excited. +0What can you do? +0

Rank 5

Response 1Of course +3Huh? +3What, don’t you? +2
Response 2I have. +2I haven’t. +2I will soon. +3

Rank 6

Response 1No Problem +3Tell me next time! +2It was fun. +3
Response 2You’re right. +3Man, you’re mature +3No need to hold back +2

Rank 7

Response 1Shut up! +0Calm down man… +0I feel bad for Saki-senpai +0
Response 2You were just upset. +0Feel better now? +0I know how it is. +0

Rank 8

Response 1She dumped you? +0She died? +0
Response 2Just take it slow. +0I understand. +0Don’t apologize. +0
Response 3Pat his head. +0Hug him. +0Leave him be. +0

Rank 9

Response 1Cheer Up. +2Still sad about Saki-senpai? +0Be a man. Stand up straight. +0
Response 2You’re right. +3That’s not true. +3I don’t get it. +3

Rank Max

Response 1I didn’t know. +0It can’t be helped. +0I guess? +0
Response 2Hitting you won’t do that. +0Then let’s get equal. +0


Northern Shopping District

Response 1At Junes? +0Sounds tough +2Didn’t you get off early…? +0
Response 2Like Saki-senpai? +0Certain things? +0That must be tough. +0

Junes Store

Response 1Yeah, he’s pretty dumb +0That’s the Daisuke I know +0

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