Quests – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

An Artist

A Burning Curiosity

A Burning Curiosity, Part 2

A Difficult Transition

A Gray Matter

A Lesson in Off-Seeing

A More Balanced Recipe

An Off-Seer’s Anguish

A Nopon’s Counsel

A Twist of Fate

A Warrior’s Pride

A Young Noble’s Request

Beyond Mercy and Revenge

Big Friendly Friend


Castle Access

Charity and Hypocrisy


Collapsed Traderpon

Colony 15 Soldiers Missing


Culinary Repertoire

Cultural Exchange

Distress Signal

Doing It My Way

Dorin and Bambam

Enemies and Allies

Exhausted Supplies

Extracurricular Lesson

Farewell Melody

Fear of the Unknown

Finite Time

First Day of Prison

Fla’ran Request

Forgotten Supplies

Friendly Support

Going Beyond Power

Going Home


Harvest Day

Helping Out

Her Reasons

Imminent Illusion



In Search of a Home

Jeremy’s Request

Joulietta and Romero

Korresia Finds Her Calling

Lambda’s Problem

Lean Times in Colony 9

Learning From Lambda

Life in the City

Live Combat Training

Lost Friend

Lost Stones


Melody of Mourning

Merciless Pursuit

Missing Luggage

Missing Parts

Natural Selection

New Developments

Nopon Register

No Want of Courage

Off-Seeing Customs

Preparing for Battle

Prison Refurbishment

Promise to the Future

Research Procedures


Riku and Manana

Romero and Joulietta

Rousing Bolearis

Rules of the Hunt

Scant Supplies

Second Day of Prison

Securing Supplies

Serene Melody

Severed Connection

Shadow of Enmity

Shared Secret

Shock to the System

Side Story: Eunie

Side Story: Lanz

Side Story: Mio

Side Story: Noah

Side Story: Sena

Side Story: Taoin

So Much More to See

Special Instructors

Stolen Provisions

Supplies in the Wind

Surplus Supply


Tactical Eradication

Tau-Tirkin Alliance

Teach’s Teachers

The Atoll Hulk

The Battlescar Hulk

The Big, Unseen Monster

The Cascade Hulk

The Castle Beckons

The Clifftop Hulk

The Desert Hulk

The Harvest

The Hillside Hulk

The Hunter

The Illusion Returns

The Kind Right Hand

The Lost Off-Seer

The Missing Squad

The Mysterious White Fog

Theoretical Knowledge

The Ouroboros Experiment

The Sandbar Hulk

The Scavenger Force

The Tableland Hulk

Thrill of the Hunt!

The True Culprit?

The Ultimate Vessel

The Wildwood Life

The Wrath of Ashera

Third Day of Prison

Three Ravens at War

To Face Forward

Transparent Dreams


Uniting the Seven Nopon

Unsolved Riddle

Unspeakable Being

Unwavering Resolve

Vandham’s Heir

Water of Rhonnar

Where The Heart Is

Wish Upon a Clover

Writer’s Block

Yorde’s Request

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