Strength Confidant Guide – Persona 4 Golden (Soccer Club)

Strength Confidant Persona 4 Golden Soccer Fellow Athletes

Strength Confidant Benefits in Persona 4 Golden


All points are while having a Strength Persona.

Rank 2

Response 1Got it +UnderstandingJunes +0
Response 2Thanks for the help. +3I didn’t ask you to do it. +0

Rank 3

No Responses to choose from.

Rank 4

Response 1Right on. +2That’s not true. +0Quit showing off. +0

Rank 5

Response 1Thanks guys +2I’m just getting warmed up +3

Rank 6

Best answer requires Lv 4 Understanding

Response 1No Problem +2Anything for you guys +3Long as it’s not a hassle. +0

Rank 7

Response 1If you say so. +0It’s okay, I’ll wait +0
Response 2Sounds good. +3You treated last time +0
Response 3Could be. +3Maybe not… +0What are we talking about? +?
Response 4We’ve got a problem. +3It’s Daisuke’s problem +0
Response 5Count me in. +3Count me out. +0

Rank 8

Response 1Stop them +3Stay quiet and watch. +0Provoke them +0
Response 2Yes we do! +0…… +0
Response 3That’s his charm +3You think? +0

Rank 9

Response 1Could be +3Doubt it. +?I don’t know +3

Rank Max

No Responses to choose from


Northern Shopping District (Night)

Response 1That’s funny +2Was he okay? +2He almost became trash himself +0

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