Sun Confidant Guide – Persona 4 Golden (Music Club)

Sun Confidant Persona 4 Golden Music Club

Sun Confidant Benefits in Persona 4 Golden


All points are while having a Sun Persona.

Rank 1

Response 1Where does the club play? +0Is there any drama here? +0Do you have a boyfriend? +0
Response 2Help out (Understanding)Watch. +0

Rank 2

Response 1Effort is what matters +2You do have talent +3Maybe you should give up +?
Response 2Help out +3 (Understanding)Watch +2 (Diligence)

Rank 3

Response 1You want me to help? +2Forget about it today +3
Response 2You don’t want to go? +0They won’t let you go? +0
Response 3That’s a great attitude +2Is that what you want? +0

Rank 4

Best answers require Lv 3 Understanding.

Response 1Can you practice at home +0Can it wait until tomorrow +0Why don’t you give up +3
Response 2Outside? +0 (Expression)Want me to help out? +3 (Expression)Alright, follow me +3 (Expression)
Response 3Yep +0No, you’re not +3Just hang in there +2 (Diligence)

Rank 5

Response 1Talk to her +0Leave her alone +0
Response 2Don’t worry, you can do it +3 (Expression)But who else is there +0 (Courage)It’s okay to mess up +3

Rank 6

Automatic Rank Up.

Rank 7

Response 1Stick up for Ayane +0 (Expression)Keep quiet +0
Response 2Comfort her +0 (Expression)Pat her on the head +0Hold her +3

Rank 8

Response 1Reveal your feelings for her -> RomanceChange the subject. -> No Romance

Rank 9 (Romance)

Response 1Wanna go grab some food? +3Wanna go out and have fun? +3Wanna come to my house? +3

Rank Max (Romance)

Automatic Rank Up

Rank 9 (No Romance)

Automatic Rank Up

Rank Max (No Romance)

Automatic Rank Up

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