All Crossword Puzzle Answers – Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Puzzle Answers

Sometimes you might find a magazine on the table in Café Leblanc. Solve the Crossword Puzzle and your knowledge will increase by 1 point!

All Crossword Puzzle Answers in Persona 5 Royal

  1. How school years are divided: Semester
    • The final result: Grade
    • A student’s test: Exam
    • Impart knowledge: Teach
  2. Hanami: cherry (?) viewing: Blossom
    • Flower-to-be: Bud
    • A prepared meal outdoors: Picnic
    • This has sprung: Sprang
  3. Time for a trip: (?) Week: Golden
    • Duck, Duck, (?): Goose
    • 1 of 24: Hour
    • Hinged barrier: Gate
  4. What are the May Blues?: Malaise
    • Doom’s partner: Gloom
    • Plant disease: Blight
    • Dull pain: Ache
  5. Where art is shown off and sold: Gallery
    • Mustachioed surrealist: Dali
    • Paris museum: Louvre
    • Wall artwork: Mural
  6. A type of outdoor allergy: Pollenosis
    • Sign of a cold: Sneeze
    • Gets congested: Nose
  7. Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork: Japanese
    • Sushi wrapper: Nori
    • Kimono sash: Obi
    • Japanese floral art: Ikebana
  8. Label for an unparalleled artist: Master
    • Dutch painter: Rembrandt
    • Rough drawing: Sketch
  9. Held to inform the public: Conference
    • (?) of honor: Badge
    • Dog command: Speak
  10. Changes with the season: Wardrobe
    • Skeleton’s hangout: Closet
    • Decorative pattern: Design
  11. Exchanged all over the world: Currency
    • Replaced the franc: Euro
    • Dispenses cash: ATM
    • Money holder: Wallet
  12. A border between air masses: Front
    • Cooled with cubes: Iced
    • Checked daily: Weather
    • Atmospheric disturbance: Storm
  13. Medicine of varying legality: Narcotics
    • Poppy product: Opium
    • Import Illegaly: Smuggle
  14. Many students’ greatest love: Vacation
    • Sunny Season: Summer
    • Go here and there: Travel
  15. These gauge student knowledge: Finals
    • Pull an all-knighter: Cram
    • Rat race result: Stress
    • Study aids: Notes
  16. A seasonal skybound event: Fireworks
    • Burning metal stick: Sparkler
    • explosive sound: Boom
  17. A stationary hotspot: heat (?): Island
    • Psychic’s sensations: Vibes
    • Hawaiian garland: Lei
    • Palm fruit: Coconut
  18. Necessary for dares: Courage
    • Fable’s lesson: Moral
    • Griffin half: Lion
    • Kind of climber: Social
  19. A common skin injury: Sunburn
    • Sunscreen letters: SPF
    • Involuntary pain alert: Ouch
    • In great demand: Hot
    • Soothing cream: Lotion
  20. When it’s too hot to sleep: Sweltering
    • Parasol’s benefit: Shade
    • The coolest acronym: AC
    • Frozen formation: Ice
    • Devoted follower: Fan
  21. Techy term for e-infiltration: Hacking
    • Gap in a wall: Breach
    • Computer threat: Virus
    • Transgressive act: Sin
  22. Localized destructive storm: Typhoon
    • Void between objects: Gap
    • Vane spinner: Gust
    • Not quite a warning: Advisory
  23. Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?): Festival
    • Buzzkill victim: Fun
    • Prayer site: Shrine
    • Many lack time for these: Games
  24. Establishing order or worth: Ranking
    • I.E., scholarly: Academic
    • Older in years: Senior
  25. Absorbs the most light: Black
    • Bottomless chasm: Abyss
    • Only dies in darkness: Shadow
    • Bereaved wife: Widow
  26. Co-opted Celtic Holiday: Halloween
    • Rewards for tricks: Treats
    • Traditional magician: Witch
  27. Lined up at school festivals: Stalls
    • Grilled meat skewers: Yakitori
    • Summer kimono: Yukata
  28. Tipster hotlines offer this: Reward
    • Cold, hard payment: Cash
    • Wasn’t just given: Earned
    • Buyer’s proposal: Offer
  29. Laying into someone: Bashing
    • Related: to words: Verbal
    • Health exam: Physical
  30. Draws people to you: Charisma
    • Watching paint dry: Boring
    • Walk arrogantly: Swagger
  31. A.K.A sweating sickness: Influenza
    • Extreme tiredness: Fatigue
    • “Gesundheit!” trigger: Achoo
  32. What lights do for store signage: Illuminate
    • Birthday cake topper: Candle
    • Lady Liberty’s light: Torch
  33. Politicians thrive on this rating: Approval
    • Election map: Poll
    • Test of opinion: Electoral
  34. Joyful holiday with an intruder: Christmas
    • Smoke vent: Chimney
    • Winter hymn: Carol
  35. A type of wish: New Year’s (?): Resolution
    • Hit the gym: Exercise
    • 4-letter word for some: Diet
  36. Ancient god of theatre: Dionysus
    • Bacchus’s beverage: Wine
    • Joyful Celebration: Festivity
  37. Ancient god of fate: Lachesis
    • Longest prison term: Life
    • Foreordained: Destined
  38. Ancient legendary dragon: Orochi
    • Hidden Loot: Treasure
    • Japanese Religion: Shinto

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