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>>>Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Guides

Chapter 1 - A Star is Born

In Chapter 1 – A Star is Born of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore for Nintendo Switch you will unlock the bloom palace, new weapons and fight your way through Illusory 106. This guide helps you get 100%.

Chapter 1 Guide

Fortuna HQ

You start in Fortuna HQ and after a short scene with Touma you can access the Bloom Palace through the blue door. There you will meet Tiki and have the ability to create new weapons through Carnage Unity.

You will only be able to do the Iron Sword for Itsuki which will also unlock his Special Performance Empty Wave. After you finished the Carnage Unity leave the Bloom Palace and talk to Maiko.

Request: Lucky Spot 1


Enter Uzume Lesson Studio to meet Barry and progress the story. You will get Kiria’s Ticket and unlock Itsuki’s and Tsubasa’s Lesson Mode costumes.

Talk to Tsubasa in front of the Uzume Lesson Studio and Tsubasa will gain the Wings of Song Performa and unlock the Spring Flower costume.

Illusory 106

Floor 1-4




Get the chest with (1) Caspar Force and fight some enemies until you get Stage Rank 1 with Itsuki and Tsubasa and a notification that a Carnage Unity for Tsubasa is ready. Finish the Carnage Unity to unlock Tsubasa’s Special Performance Aerial Dance and unlock the Radiant Unities Director Itsuki for Itsuki and Traport for Tsubasa. If you have enough money buy a Mage Ring for Tsubasa and Power Rings for Itsuki and Touma at Carabia Jewelry in Shibuya. Heal your party with a drink from a vending machine and enter Illusory 106 again.

Go through the sleeve of the blue doll and activate the (A) right switch. Get the (2) Life Stone x2 from the nearby chest and save before entering the sleeve of the blue doll to 3F. A Savage Enemy Symbol will spawn, Escape if it gets you or hurry to the switches and change it to the (B) right switch. Grab the chest with the (8) Chakra Drop, enter the sleeve of the blue doll, get another chest with (7) Spd Incense and return through the sleeves to activate the (B) middle switch. Go through the sleeve to 2F grab (4) Dis-Poison x2 from the chest and slash the (C) shiny wall.

Go through the sleeves of the red doll and go straight ahead to trigger a scene and meet Mr. Hatanaka. Defeat the Ironclad Myrmidons with Zio and Lance attacks and open the chests with (5) Chakra Drop and (6) Traport Stone after the fight. Activate the (D) right switch and follow the path next to the shiny wall to get (3) Revival Bead x2. Slash the (E) shiny wall, save and enter the sleeve of the red doll to get to 3F. Activate the teleport and if you are ready for a hard fight use the door to the 4th floor.

Use Cleave and Zan on the Man o’ Wars and Fire Strike and Zan on the Umber Peg. Knight. After the fight return to the Bloom Palace with your skill Traport and create Tsubasa’s Feel My Voice Radiant Skill.

Floor 5-Rooftop




Take the right path and accept the request Repel the Rejects by talking to the Mirage twice. Open the chests for a (9) Treasure Key and a (10) Bracelet of Eternity. Unlock Touma’s Special Performance Full Throttle in the Bloom Palace if you get the Carnage Unity Notification. Use the sleeve of the violet doll and press the (F) middle switch. Go through the violet doll to 6F and activate the teleport and open chests with (12) Revival Bead and (13) First-Aid Kit x2. Take the sleeve of the orange doll to arrive at 5F, destroy the (G) shiny wall near the switches and press the (G) left switch. Use the orange doll to get a chest with (11) Bead Chain, destroy the (H) shiny wall and get back to the switches. Press the (G) middle switch and go through the orange doll to 6F. Press the (I) right switch, destroy the (J) shiny wall, go through the violet doll to 5F, go through the orange doll which should bring you to 7F. Pick up the (14) Chakra Drop x2 from the chest in the middle path and take the bottom path to activate the teleport for 7F. When you are ready go through the door to the rooftop. You should equip weapons that give you resistance against ice or wind and all your characters should wear the jewelry from Carabia.

Boss Fight Aversa

Chapter 1 Boss Fight (Aversa) - Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore

Aversa has 2 Umber Pegasus Knights with her and she will revive them after some turns if you kill them. The Umber Pegasus Knights will attack you with lance attacks and Aversa will attack you with lance attacks, Zan and Bufu and will lower one character’s defense, hit and evade. Use Itsuki’s Rakukaja and Rakunda to raise your defense and lower the enemies defense. Use Tsubasa’s Tarukaja to raise your offense and attack the Umber Pegasus Knights with Fire Strike or Zan. Revive dead characters with Revival Beads or Fresh Spicy Curry from the Hee-Ho Mart. Attack Aversa with Zio and Zan and keep your health up.

After the boss Kiria will join and Ayaha will be part of Fortuna HQ. In the Intermission you will have time to finish some side stories.

>>>Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Guides

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