Chapter 5 True Colors – Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore

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Chapter 5 - True Colors

Walkthrough Chapter 5

You will show Maiko the mysterious shard which she will explain is a dragonstone. You will show the Dragonstone to Tiki but she will faint and Maiko will have to explain what it is. Maiko will explain a lot about Tiki and the Dragonstone and then you see an announcement from the Daiba TV president. You will unlock Kiria’s Excellence costume and Tsubasa’s Heartful Breeze costume.

Shibuya Elixir

Dating Disaster

Iori’s in Love Again

Cosmic Egg

To continue with the story visit the Bloom Palace and Tiki will wake up and reveal to you the connection to Fire Emblem. After some long scenes a new location will be revealed: Cosmic Egg. Teleport to the Cosmic Egg and the party will realise it can’t enter the Idolasphere there. Return to Tiki in the Bloom Palace and Itsuki will learn the Radiant Unity ability Ray of Light which lets you destroy the shiny walls you couldn’t destroy yet. So activate Ray of Light and enter Illusory Daitou TV Station.

Illusory Daitou TV Station

Teleport to Film Set B: Indoors (1F) and break to top shiny wall. Follow the path until you reach a stream of light, check it and Tiki will message you to go to Illusory 106 and Illusory Daiba Studio.

Illusory Daiba Studio

Enter the Illusory Daiba Studio and break the shiny wall on the right side to get to a new room with 10 TV screens each showing a number. Talk to the Mirage in this room and you will receive a note with the code 018769 on it. The code show you in which order you have to go through the rooms. If you make an error you will be transported to the 10 TV screen room again and the numbers will change place. In that case you have to start again. If you have done everything correct there will be a warning before entering the last room with the number 9.

Fight Ritual Druid

Enter it to fight against 2 Red Shamans which are weak against sword and fire attacks,
2 Platinum Swordmaster who is weak against lance, ice and lightning attacks and a Ritual Druid who is weak against sword, lance and fire attacks.

Illusory Shibuya 106

Enter Illusory Shibuya 106 and right next to the entrance you will see the shiny wall you have to break to reach the basement. Open chest 1 Fashion Intuition and chest 2 Amrita Soda x3 and take the red or blue doll, they both lead to B2F where you can open chest 3 Treasure Key. Press the middle switch at (A) to reach B3F and open chest 4 Attack Mirror x2 and chest 5 Chakra Drop x2. Go to (C) and press the middle switch and go to (B) and activate the left switch to reach locked chest 6 Wanderer’s Manacle.

Go back through the blue doll press the right switch at (B). Go through the blue doll to the B1F, over to the red doll through it to reach chest 7 Soma. Go back to B3F to (C) and activate the left switch of the red doll. Go to (B) and activate the right switch. Go through the blue doll then through the red doll to get chest 8 Master Seal. Activate the middle switch at (B) and get chest 9 Revival Bead x2 and chest 10 Fashion Archetype after going through the blue doll.

Activate the right switch at (D) to reach (A) and activate the left switch. Go back to (D) and activate the left switch to go back to 3BF. Finally activate the left switch at (B) and go to the ride side of the floor. The dolls should be positioned like the statues and the Mirage should let you pass. Activate the teleporter and prepare yourself for another fight.

Fight Ritual Druid

You fight against a Ritual Druid who is weak against sword, lance and fire and 2 Pale Warriors which are weak against sword attacks and 2 Bloodscale Riders which are weak against axe, bow and wind attacks.

Illusory Daitou TV Station

Enter Illusory Daitou TV and teleport to Film Set B, 1F. Go to the right and break the top shiny wall. Keep south until you reach chest 1 Repel Water x3. Return inside and open locked chest 2 Balm of Life. Check (A) and the Beam of Performa should disappear. Before going upstairs check the small room with chest 3 Master Seal, chest 4 Large Gold Bar, chest 5 Immobility Talisman and chest 6 Skill Book x2.

Go upstairs to Illusory Daitou TV Film Set B 2F and open chest 1 Soma and chest 2 Cursed Charm accessory. Talk to the Red Mage Mirage which wants you to visit the lantern rooms in the north, east and south. In the northern one you have to beat 3 Mirages. In the eastern room you have to watch a scene with Yashiro and the southern room wants light essence from the western room. Go through the new open path, activate the teleporter and open chest 3 Chakra Pot.

Boss Fight Dark Yashiro

Dark Yashiro Boss Fight - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

You fight against a dark version of Yashiro that can split up into 2 or 4. Since you have to include Yashiro in your party you should focus on his counter ability. The challenge in this fight is to have good management of Yashiro’s EP and the party’s SP. Don’t hesitate to use valuable items in this fight. Use Yashiro’s Counter every turn and boost your defense, hit & evade and offense. If Dark Yarhiso is split use defend with Itsuki and Tsubasa to stop sessions.

Cosmic Egg

Return to the Cosmic Egg and watch the scenes. You have to fight 2 Regal Knights which are weak against sword and fire attacks and a Cursed Wyvern Rider which is weak against axe, bow, ice and wind attacks. After the Cosmic Egg return to Tiki in Fortuna HQ and you will have completed Chapter 5 – True Colors.

>>>Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Guides

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