Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – All 34 trophies leaked

Since Square announced the release date of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered the Trophies and Achievements can also be found in the depths of the PSN store or the Xbox store. Here are all trophies and achievements you can unlock in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – Trophies

  • Handyman – Upgrade your weapon
  • Card Player – Play Triple Triad
  • Chocobo – Capture a Chocobo
  • Loser – Lose a rare card in a Triple Triad match
  • CC Group Master – Defeat every member of the CC Group
  • First Salary – Get your first salary from SeeD
  • 100 Kills – Kill 100 enemies
  • Magician – Draw (Stock) magic from 100 enemies
  • Obel Lake Secret – Complete the Obel Lake side quest
  • 1000 Kills – Kill 1000 enemies
  • Omega Destroyed – Beat Omega Weapon
  • Magic Miner – Draw magic 100 times from draw points
  • Timber Maniacs – Collect all Timber Maniacs magazines
  • Maximum HP – Reach maximum HP
  • End of Game – Finish the game
  • Ragnarok – Find Ragnarok
  • Top Rank – Reach SeeD Rank A
  • UFO – Complete the PuPu side quest

Sadly no trophies for completing the game without a level up or on level 100. Beating Ultima weapon and finding the Big Fat Chocobo are also missing.

Final Fantasy VIII – Guardian Force Trophies

  • Shiva – Unlock Guardian Force Shiva
  • Quezacotl – Unlock Guardian Force Quezacotl
  • Ifrit – Unlock Guardian Force Ifrit
  • Siren – Unlock Guardian Force Siren
  • Brothers – Unlock Guardian Force Brothers
  • Alexander – Unlock Guardian Force Alexander
  • Leviathan – Unlock Guardian Force Leviathan
  • Pandemona – Unlock Guardian Force Pandemona
  • Cerberus – Unlock Guardian Force Cerberus
  • Carbuncle – Unlock Guardian Force Carbuncle
  • Doomtrain – Unlock Guardian Force Doomtrain
  • Cactuar – Unlock Guardian Force Cactuar
  • Tonberry – Unlock Guardian Force Tonberry
  • Eden – Unlock Guardian Force Eden
  • Diablos – Unlock Guardian Force Diablos
  • Bahamut – Unlock Guardian Force Bahamut

Wasn’t Odin also a Guardian Force?

The trophies seem to be easy and not really challenging. The only difficult trophies in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered are missable trophies like the Timber Maniacs trophy or the Carbuncle trophy. The game comes with boosters that will most likely disable unlocking trophies in Final Fantasy VII Remastered.

You will find our guides for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered here

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  1. Richard Roberts 30-08-2019

    Odin was a GF but not in the same sense as the others. All other GFs could be assigned to a character and taught abilities but Odin could not. Odin was more of a luck bonus towards KOing enemies. Also there’s the trophy to get Tonberry which you cannot get until after you complete the Odin side quest. So 2 for 1 maybe?

  2. unknown 16-09-2019

    i managed to get tonberry before i got odin with the trophie aswell

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