Side Quests

Side Quest 001 – 025

Side Quest 026: Muuurielll!

Location: Forest of Niall, by Sunnypath Pond

Rewards: 1110 Exp, 400 G, 5 Greenglade Cotton

Citizen 029 Muriel (Love of Llapacas)

Side Quest 027: The Hard-Nosed Huntress

Location: Spineshiver Grove

Rewards: 2020 Exp, 620 G, Bright Ammonite Bow

Citizen: 031 Moggie May (Huntsman’s Eye)

Tainted Monster: 2 Prangles

Side Quest 028: Tales of Derring-Do

Location: Goldpaw

Rewards: 3240 Exp, 840 G, Long-Range Ring

Tainted Monster: 8 Conflagra

Side Quest 029: High-Speed Hot Streaks!

Location: Goldpaw

Rewards: 610 Exp, 310 G, 3 Hot Streak Spicy Noodles, Goldpaw Recipes

Side Quest 030: The Seeds of Righteousness

Location: Goldpaw

Rewards: 1230 Exp, 460 G, Swordsman’s Robe

Side Quest 031: Bandits at the Border

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 560 Exp, 4200 KG, Baby Buckler

Side Quest 032: Baby Higgledy’s Big Adventure

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 1230 Exp, 2800 KG, 5 Comfy Cloth

Higgledy: 2 Humdrum the Heroic

Requirements: Sidequest 25

Side Quest 033: Higgledy Hide-and-Seek!

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 1110 Exp, 1840 KG, 5 Snuggly Wool

Higgledy: 68 Jubjub the Jolly

Requirements: Sidequest 25

Side Quest 034: Going at it with Goldpaw

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 1560 Exp, 4200 KG, Songbook No. 7

Side Quest 035: Fun with Fungi

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 600 Exp, 1460 KG, 5 Sweet Dream Truffle

Toadstool (Forest of Niall, Budding Lumberyard, Branching Lumberyard, Everyday General Store)

Bluesky Buttontops (Makronos, Branching Lumberyard, Spreading Lumberyard, Flourishing Lumberyard)

Cutesy Pops (Forest of Niall, Branching Lumberyard, Spreading Lumberyard, Flourishing Lumberyard)

Requirements: Side Quest 24

Side Quest 036: Against the Grain

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 600 Exp, 1460 KG, Ruby Huebloom x2, Sapphire Huebloom x2, Coral Huebloom x2

Fine-Grained Lumber (Pinwheel Flats, Fathomless Forest, Swift Solutions, Spreading Lumberyard)

Requirements: Side Quest 26

Side Quest 037: Tiller, Long-Distance Rower

Location: Capstan-upon-Hull

Rewards: 940 Exp, 450 G, Flexible Fish x2, Frilly Fish x2, Wriggly Eel x2

Citizen: 059 Tiller (Even-Keeled)

Side Quest 038: Sick of Sandals

Location: Capstan-upon-Hull

Rewards: 1570 Exp, 620 G, Darkproof Brute’s Boots

Citizen: 022 Crispin (Creative Flair)

Side Quest 039: The Chicest of Shoes

Location: Evermore

Rewards: 940 Exp, 3350 KG, Fireproof Roguish Boots

Chic Ribbon (Pinwhel Flats, Factory Floors, Bustling Bazaar, Swift Solutions)

Requirements: Side Quest 38

Side Quest 040: Bao Wao the Street Trader

Location: Goldpaw

Rewards: 1570 Exp, 540 G, Close-Range Ring

Citizen: 040 Bao Wao (Nose in a Million)

Side Quest 041: Ringing Around

Location: Hydropolis

Rewards: 1040 Exp, 380 G, Soreaway Sweet

Side Quest 042: Daddy Come Home

Location: Capstan-upon-Hull

Rewards: 7110 Exp, 2130 G, Wee Urchins x2, Swellfish x2, Seasilk x2

Citizen: 060 Keeley (Taste for Timber)

Tainted Monster: 25 Klogg

Side Quest 043: Filippos, the Novice Hunter

Location: Swift Solutions Store

Rewards: 1950 Exp, 570 G, Fiery Ogre’s Bow

Citizen 068 Filippos (Outdoorsiness)

Side Quest 044: 061 Pontus’s Ocean of Knowledge

Location: Hydropolis

Rewards: 1890 Exp, 730 G, Top Lobster

Blimpfish (Near Water, Fresher Fish Market, Freshest Fish Market, Taverna Kalamari)

Pincushion Coral (Makronos, Abyss Swift Solutions, Fresh Fish Market)

Seasilk (Near Water, Fresh Fish Market, Everyday General Store)

Citizen: 061 Pontus (Pescological Nous)

Side Quest 045: Glaucus, the Ambitious Angler

Location: Hydropolis

Rewards: 1950 Exp, 570 G, Trophy Fish

Citizen 070 Glaucus (Fisher’s Fingers)

Requirements: Side Quest 57

Side Quest 046: Thaumas, the Suave Sorcerer

Location: Swift Solutions Store

Rewards: 2300 Exp, 630 G, Mage’s Ring

Citizen: 064 Thaumas (Sorcerer’s Instinct)

Side Quest 047: Peleus, the Amiable Armorer

Location: Swift Solutions Store

Rewards: 2360 Exp, 590 G, Fiery Plunderbuss

Citizen: 069 Peleus (Artisan’s Arm)

Side Quest 048: A Career Cut Short

Location: Siren’s Rest, Hydropolis

Rewards: 5350 Exp, 1450 G, Songbook No. 1

Citizen: 063 Nereus (Perfect Pitch)

Tainted Monster: 15 Scintilla

Side Quest 049: Proteus, the Gloomy Jeweler

Location: Swift Solutions Store

Rewards: 2160 Exp, 800 G, Blue Prisms x3

Citizen 065 Proteus (Prospector’s Eye)

Side Quest 050: Triton the Honest Scholar

Location: Swift Solutions Store

Rewards: 2210 Exp, 720 G, Magic Muffler

Citizen: 066 Triton (Scholar’s Sense)

Side Quest 051: Speio, Priestess in Training

Location: Hydropolis Palace

Rewards: 4460 Exp, 1360 G, Watery Wand of Wisdom

Citizen 071 Speio (Metaphysicality)

Needs: Spell Research “Rejuvenate”

Side Quest 052: Helena, the Hearty Hunter (Video Guide)

Location: Swift Solutions Store
Rewards: 1950 Exp, 570 G, Mermaid’s Delight x2

Citizen 078 Helena (Adventurous Taste)

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