Soul Hack Ability List – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Soul Hack Arts

Hard Dig – Sycophantic Lilith

Beast Howl – Lapdop Veece

Sumo Press – Indiscreet Gombaba

Butterfly Dust – Perturbed Bilkin

Snake Eyes – Hazardous Jarrahed

Poison Spray – Rambler Curalie

Horn Dance – Perspicacious Oldar

Bubble Cloud – Househunter Carly

Tail Slap – Scornful Daria

Water Jet – Wraithfin Segna

Hypno-Light – Heretical Saurow

Cursed Cuisine – Crystalline DuGarre

Last Fencer – Raucous Ron

Radiant Arts – Shimmering Marcko

Aquatic Missle – Frolicking Parker

Hawk Shot – Terrorbird Zieger

Fin of Fear – Massive Georges

Dino Storm – Blazing Karlos

Spit Beam – Mobile Vespa

Neck Slice – Forsaken Arbiter

Toxic Gas – Spectral Remy

Hypnotism – Profound Hodzuki

Raid Strike – Puzzled Raquinu

Dragon Gas – Villainous Igna

Cavalry – Littlefort Morley

Dino Flash – Fineblade Faltaar

Piercing Laser – Besieger Sheritt

Spinning Bolt – Diabolical Rindolph

Shark Shock – Intrusive Neville

Battle Pheromone – Gracious Titania

Pointy Stick – Virtuous Gulkin

Double Strike – Bloodsucking Elvis

Shell Guard – Hardshelled Admory

Rhino Storm – Foolhardy Saide

Burrowing Rocket – Keen Chicky-Chicky

Trick Dart – Witchwind Kujjat

Aquaball – Covetous Gerondon

Jet Stream – Otherworldly Rodsin

Healing Rest – Timbercorn Cthinos

Double Slap – Saberly Dorampe

Vampire Bat – Defiled Ishtar

Dragon Decree – Hardscale Gouran

Murder Knuckle – Ghostfist Roisin

Elimination Beam – Clinging Azreel

Thunderclap – Wicked Wolf Aranqui

Evasive Posture – Dishonest Karom

Electric Skin – Sundappled Floria

Bomberhead – Oceanic Lucera

Trout Hop – Naval Gyrus

Hydra Gas – Demonic Krenolur

Ether Sphere – Seatiger Tridence

Spider Web – Flyswatter Kamado

Ministorm – Spartan Fennick

Predation – Ruthless Grokken

Dual Attack – Seadragoon Melchior

Wild Wave – Immovable Gonzalez

Gatling Peck –

Psychowave – Obliterator Centaurio

Life Plant – Gorgeous Mandora

Desperate Charge –

King’s Bash

Transient Bond

Soul Hack Skills

Just a Moment – Mirgatory Circe

Suprise Attack – Sharpwitted Tracy

Defense Time – Unruffled Narrah

Natural Guard – Dapper Sepiar

Amazing Growth – Tenderling Rumi

Tactical Eye – Hedonist Tirkin

Emergency Turbo – Repulsive Deepus

Dodge Acceleration – Gushing Masquin

Drain Guard – Stoneclipper Gorse

Systematic Defense – Sensitive Catullus

Air Body – Altruistic Maribel

Sandsmoke – Gallivanter Buckley

Accelerating Attacks – Petrivore Judomar

Spiritual Absorber – Budding Francis

Physical Absorber – Phatasmagorical Rist

Dangerous Claws – Soaring Virion

Nimbleness Itself – Craven Piggard

Damage Share – Ambusher Tirion

Sacrificial Heal – Farseer Pirtett

Action Reaction – Vengeful Dominator

Underworld Rage – Unobtrusive Liggy

Energy Efficiency – Turbulent Martinez

Supersharged – Determined Vatslav

Deflector Plate – Thunderclap Dalton

Accelerator Organ – Night-Stalker Volodya

Royal Aide – Dimwitted Tirkin

Reckless Attack – Navigator Helios

Reserve Life – Bushwacker Farritt

Awakilling – Widdershins Radler

Excessive Armor – Taskmaster Imperion

Megashout – Doomfang Caum

Mimic Technique – Phantom Streya

Needle Shell – Barbed Merod

Ultranull Shield – Well-Plated Zelinka

Revenge Impetus – Crafty Anskey

Dual-Horn Pressure – Hownbow Dante

Grace of the Land – Spiralhorn Baccro

Apothecary’s Wisdom – Galloping Ghuldan

Sense of Danger – Stonehoof Torphan

Queenly Pride – Spike Aurelia

Deeply Tactical – Talkative Dirakha

Heavy Armor – Protector Revelta

Super Explosion – Infiltrator Garnach

Queen of Mercy – Abysmal Rakshmi

Battle Fever – Fleeting Shikino

Scattered Healing – Stately Doramma

Terran Warrior – Ghosting Lulika

One with the Land – Miraging Yuri

Debuff Counter – Darkening Asha

Aquatic Warrior – Sharpscale Ragoon

Breath of an Era – Fairscale Marina

Recharge Cheer – Cruelfist Rojou

Mano a Mano Evasion – Trickfist Tuano

Attack Mastery – Creeping Hameel

Positional Attacker – Sharkblade Nedd

Instant Charge – Joyful Nimroog

Defense Mastery – Pressing Rafeel

Berserker Mindset – Vapid Roger

Magic Transmutation – Artificial Optho

Exoshell – Phony Temnos

Wolf Spirit – Thaumawolf Bajeek

Creeping Predator – Jealous Mizraile

Healing Mastery – Reaping Anteel

Non Stop Barrage – Impish Langobard

Royal Charisma – Heroic Gulkin

Celestial Conqueror – Ragemaw Tempeldo

Strength Support – Killhappy Brijaidor

Counter Puncher – Fang-King Clavein

Blasting Stomp – Jingoistic Gigantus

Emperor of Violence

Fiery Morale – Impregnable Sandhu

Large-Scale Shock – Godlike Krastor

Attack Heal – Ravenous Babayaga

Wild Tendencies – Desired Oruria

Stirke Shirker – Dunesea Marcellus

Monarch’s Heart – Kilocorn Grandeps

Eagle Rush – Perilwing Ryuho

Hot Soul – Dreadwyrm Nizoont

Power Pick-Me-Up – Levialord Emireo

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