Challenge Battles


Grazing Flock (Video Guide)

Pest Control (Video Guide)

Think of the Soldiers (Video Guide)

Bewitching Dance (Video Guide)

Darkening Skies (Video Guide)

Sacred Wood (Video Guide)

Temperantian Standoff (Video Guide)

Dread Contagion (Video Guide)

Panic at the Seaside (Video Guide)

Tiger! Tiger! IRL (Video Guide)

Torna’s Finest (Video Guide)

Serious Showdown (Video Guide)

Dino Drama (Video Guide)

Humanoid Alliance (Video Guide)

Chickenheart Challenge (Video Guide)

Cloud King’s Revenge

Reinventing the Gogol (Video Guide)


Fiercest Faction (Video Guide)

9th Imp. Armored Div.

Call the Exterminators

Attack of the Aspar

Titan Battleship Assault

This Year’s Heropon