Side Quest List


A Hat Fit for a Lady (DLC)

A Helping Hand

A Mercenary’s Honor (DLC) 

A Phonex Tale

A Real Challenge

A Ripe New Frontier

A Secret Cure (Video Guide)

A Smith’s Pastime (DLC) (Video Guide)

A Test of Strength (Video Guide)

A Young Man’s Prize (Video Guide)

All’s Fair (Video Guide)

Artificial Intelligence (Video Guide)

Artisanal Accessories (DLC) (Video Guide)

At Wit’s End (Video Guide)

Bana’s Revenge (Video Guide)

Bana’s Secret Treasure (Video Guide)

Bearing Her Soul (Video Guide)

Beneath the Aurora (DLC) (Video Guide)

Better Late Than Never (Video Guide)

Birds of a Feather (Video Guide)

Blade-Sharp Memory (Video Guide)

Bright Spark (DLC)

Buoy Can’t Swim (Video Guide)

Cannadea’s Troubles (Video Guide)

Cargo Escort (Video Guide)

Cleared of All Charges (DLC) (Video Guide)

Concerned Carpenter (Video Guide)

Crystal Clear (Video Guide)

Difficult Decisions (Video Guide)

Ecological Survey (Video Guide)

Eternal Spirit (Video Guide)

Failure and Success (Video Guide)

Fame and Family (Video Guide)

Family vs. Fiends

Farewell, Good Friend (Video Guide)

Flames of Justice (Video Guide)

Fly in the Ointment (Video Guide)

Follow Your Passion (Video Guide)

Fool’s Gold (Video Guide)

Fresh and Fruity (Video Guide)

Girl Power-Off (Video Guide)

Glory from the Past

Go for it, Electra! (Video Guide)

Gotta Start Somewhere!

Grow, Little Vegetables! (Video Guide)

Hard to Stomach (Video Guide)

Hero of the Nopon (Video Guide)

Hide and Seek (Video Guide)

Hot Spring Bonanza (DLC) (Video Guide)

Indol’s Teachings (Video Guide)

Industrial Sort of Tour (DLC) (Video Guide)

Insurgent Investigations (Video Guide)

Into the Open Sky (Video Guide)

Judicium’s Legacy (Video Guide)

Knocked About Nopon (Video Guide)

Leadership Qualities (Video Guide)

Limits of Awareness (Video Guide)

Lost Kingdom (Video Guide)

M.I.A. Nopon (DLC) (Video Guide)

Maiden Voyage (Video Guide)

Making Love Source (DLC) (Video Guide)

Marvelous Mercenaries (Video Guide)

Mellica the Chorister (Video Guide)

Merclibay’s Mightiest (DLC) (Video Guide)

Midnight Feasting (DLC) (Video Guide)

Most Awful News?! (DLC) (Video Guide)

Mysterious Note (Video Guide)

Mystery Launch Codes (DLC) (Video Guide)

Nature Boy (Video Guide)

Newt Recruits (Video Guide)

Nopon Doubloons Ahoy (Video Guide)

Nopon of Good Tastes (DLC) (Video Guide)

One Step Ahead (Video Guide)

Our Daily Bread (Video Guide)

Partners (Video Guide)

Passion of the Artisan (DLC) (Video Guide)

Paying it Forward (Video Guide)

Powered-Up Poppi (Video Guide)

Precious Yearnings (Video Guide)

Road to the Capital (Video Guide)

Salvage King (Video Guide)

School is in Session (Video Guide)

Shiny New Power (DLC) (Video Guide)

Sniff out the Spy (Video Guide)

Souvenirs from Morytha (Video Guide)

Star-Crossed Lovers (Video Guide)

Stolen Keepsake (Video Guide)

Sunken Boosters (DLC) (Video Guide)

Tender-Hearted Beast (Video Guide)

The Calm and the Storm (Video Guide)

The Case of the Crane (Video Guide)

The Driver in Ice (Video Guide)

The Lone Watchman (DLC) (Video Guide)

The Lost Turtle (Video Guide)

The Militia’s Request (Video Guide)

The Nopon Murals (Video Guide)

The Riddle on the Wall (Video Guide)

The Supply Situation (Video Guide)

The Ties that Bind (Video Guide)

The Titan Scholar (Video Guide)

The Trendy Patissier (DLC) (Video Guide)

The Writer’s Assistant (Video Guide)

Theory and Praxis (Video Guide)

Time is Money (Video Guide)

Timeworn Machine (Video Guide)

Tirkin Suppression

Tranquility (Video Guide)

True Colors (Video Guide)

Umon Bounces Back (Video Guide)

Uncover the Truth (Video Guide)

Unspoken Suspicion

Upgrades and Tinkering (DLC) (Video Guide)

We Meet Again (Video Guide)

Whereabouts Unknown (Video Guide)

World Tree Disaster (Video Guide)

Would-Be Mercs (Video Guide)

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