Which guardian should I use in Disney Mirrorverse?

Since 4 star guardians are way more powerful than 3 star guardians you should always pick your highest star guardians. It doesn’t matter if you have invested a lot of xp modes into another guardian, you will still need them for rifts, towers and dungeons. But focus on your highest star guardians to progress the story and upgrade your lower star guardians. A lvl 20 guardian that is 4 star is as good as a lvl 30 guardian which only has 3 stars.

Which guardian shouldn’t I use in Disney Mirrorverse?

Guardians have a trait which you can check in their bio. Try to avoid using guardians with the same trait and role. For instance Buzz Lightyear and Eve both have the traits Hi-Tech, Gravity Defying and Pixar. Also both have the ranged class. If both are 3 star guardians only use one of them.

How to increase the stars of a guardian in Disney Mirrorverse

If you get a guardian you already own you get character shards, stardust and character signets instead.

  • 1 star guardian = 10 character shards & 10 stardust
  • 2 star guardian = 30 character shards & 30 stardust
  • 3 star guardian = 100 character shards & 100 stardust
  • 4 star guardian = 450 character shards, 450 stardust & 1 character signet
  • 5 star guardian = 1500 character shards, 1500 stardust & 5 character signets
You can use stardust in the stardust shop. Only standard guardians and event guardians you already own will appear in the stardust shop.

What should I use my orbs for in Disney Mirrorverse?

  • Event exclusive guardians(Kermit the Frog, Cruela De Vil or Jack Skellington,…).
    • Buy at least 5 famed crystals to get a 1 star event exclusive guardian which will then appear in your stardust shop.
  • Offers which can be bought with orbs.
    • I highly recommend the minor, major or superior energy offers.
  • Enchanted Major Energy Recharge in the Alliance shop.
    • It will give you a major energy and every alliance member minor energy. But only buy it if your alliance is active and full.
  • Dungeon energy in the Dungeon store.
    • It’s not hard to get to lvl 25 in a dungeon and the rewards almost always pay off. You will have to buy the lowest tier available but should be able to reach dungeon level 25 with 150 – 275 orbs. In relic dungeons you will receive an epic relic with a trait and if you make it to the top 3 you will receive 2 legendary relics.

You can find the Unique Monster Locations here

Soul Hack Arts

Hard Dig – Sycophantic Lilith

Beast Howl – Lapdop Veece

Sumo Press – Indiscreet Gombaba

Butterfly Dust – Perturbed Bilkin

Snake Eyes – Hazardous Jarrahed

Poison Spray – Rambler Curalie

Horn Dance – Perspicacious Oldar

Bubble Cloud – Househunter Carly

Tail Slap – Scornful Daria

Water Jet – Wraithfin Segna

Hypno-Light – Heretical Saurow

Cursed Cuisine – Crystalline DuGarre

Last Fencer – Raucous Ron

Radiant Arts – Shimmering Marcko

Aquatic Missle – Frolicking Parker

Hawk Shot – Terrorbird Zieger

Fin of Fear – Massive Georges

Dino Storm – Blazing Karlos

Spit Beam – Mobile Vespa

Neck Slice – Forsaken Arbiter

Toxic Gas – Spectral Remy

Hypnotism – Profound Hodzuki

Raid Strike – Puzzled Raquinu

Dragon Gas – Villainous Igna

Cavalry – Littlefort Morley

Dino Flash – Fineblade Faltaar

Piercing Laser – Besieger Sheritt

Spinning Bolt – Diabolical Rindolph

Shark Shock – Intrusive Neville

Battle Pheromone – Gracious Titania

Pointy Stick – Virtuous Gulkin

Double Strike – Bloodsucking Elvis

Shell Guard – Hardshelled Admory

Rhino Storm – Foolhardy Saide

Burrowing Rocket – Keen Chicky-Chicky

Trick Dart – Witchwind Kujjat

Aquaball – Covetous Gerondon

Jet Stream – Otherworldly Rodsin

Healing Rest – Timbercorn Cthinos

Double Slap – Saberly Dorampe

Vampire Bat – Defiled Ishtar

Dragon Decree – Hardscale Gouran

Murder Knuckle – Ghostfist Roisin

Elimination Beam – Clinging Azreel

Thunderclap – Wicked Wolf Aranqui

Evasive Posture – Dishonest Karom

Electric Skin – Sundappled Floria

Bomberhead – Oceanic Lucera

Trout Hop – Naval Gyrus

Hydra Gas – Demonic Krenolur

Ether Sphere – Seatiger Tridence

Spider Web – Flyswatter Kamado

Ministorm – Spartan Fennick

Predation – Ruthless Grokken

Dual Attack – Seadragoon Melchior

Wild Wave – Immovable Gonzalez

Gatling Peck –

Psychowave – Obliterator Centaurio

Life Plant – Gorgeous Mandora

Desperate Charge –

King’s Bash

Transient Bond

Soul Hack Skills

Just a Moment – Mirgatory Circe

Suprise Attack – Sharpwitted Tracy

Defense Time – Unruffled Narrah

Natural Guard – Dapper Sepiar

Amazing Growth – Tenderling Rumi

Tactical Eye – Hedonist Tirkin

Emergency Turbo – Repulsive Deepus

Dodge Acceleration – Gushing Masquin

Drain Guard – Stoneclipper Gorse

Systematic Defense – Sensitive Catullus

Air Body – Altruistic Maribel

Sandsmoke – Gallivanter Buckley

Accelerating Attacks – Petrivore Judomar

Spiritual Absorber – Budding Francis

Physical Absorber – Phatasmagorical Rist

Dangerous Claws – Soaring Virion

Nimbleness Itself – Craven Piggard

Damage Share – Ambusher Tirion

Sacrificial Heal – Farseer Pirtett

Action Reaction – Vengeful Dominator

Underworld Rage – Unobtrusive Liggy

Energy Efficiency – Turbulent Martinez

Supersharged – Determined Vatslav

Deflector Plate – Thunderclap Dalton

Accelerator Organ – Night-Stalker Volodya

Royal Aide – Dimwitted Tirkin

Reckless Attack – Navigator Helios

Reserve Life – Bushwacker Farritt

Awakilling – Widdershins Radler

Excessive Armor – Taskmaster Imperion

Megashout – Doomfang Caum

Mimic Technique – Phantom Streya

Needle Shell – Barbed Merod

Ultranull Shield – Well-Plated Zelinka

Revenge Impetus – Crafty Anskey

Dual-Horn Pressure – Hownbow Dante

Grace of the Land – Spiralhorn Baccro

Apothecary’s Wisdom – Galloping Ghuldan

Sense of Danger – Stonehoof Torphan

Queenly Pride – Spike Aurelia

Deeply Tactical – Talkative Dirakha

Heavy Armor – Protector Revelta

Super Explosion – Infiltrator Garnach

Queen of Mercy – Abysmal Rakshmi

Battle Fever – Fleeting Shikino

Scattered Healing – Stately Doramma

Terran Warrior – Ghosting Lulika

One with the Land – Miraging Yuri

Debuff Counter – Darkening Asha

Aquatic Warrior – Sharpscale Ragoon

Breath of an Era – Fairscale Marina

Recharge Cheer – Cruelfist Rojou

Mano a Mano Evasion – Trickfist Tuano

Attack Mastery – Creeping Hameel

Positional Attacker – Sharkblade Nedd

Instant Charge – Joyful Nimroog

Defense Mastery – Pressing Rafeel

Berserker Mindset – Vapid Roger

Magic Transmutation – Artificial Optho

Exoshell – Phony Temnos

Wolf Spirit – Thaumawolf Bajeek

Creeping Predator – Jealous Mizraile

Healing Mastery – Reaping Anteel

Non Stop Barrage – Impish Langobard

Royal Charisma – Heroic Gulkin

Celestial Conqueror – Ragemaw Tempeldo

Strength Support – Killhappy Brijaidor

Counter Puncher – Fang-King Clavein

Blasting Stomp – Jingoistic Gigantus

Emperor of Violence

Fiery Morale – Impregnable Sandhu

Large-Scale Shock – Godlike Krastor

Attack Heal – Ravenous Babayaga

Wild Tendencies – Desired Oruria

Stirke Shirker – Dunesea Marcellus

Monarch’s Heart – Kilocorn Grandeps

Eagle Rush – Perilwing Ryuho

Hot Soul – Dreadwyrm Nizoont

Power Pick-Me-Up – Levialord Emireo

Aetia Discussions

Colony 9

Colony 9 Food Issues – Unlocks “A Difficult Transition” quest

Colony 9’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “An Off-Seer Anguish” quest

Colony 9 Shortages – Unlocks “Lean Times in Colony 9” quest

Colony 9’s Situation – Unlocks “Forgotten Supplies” quest

Everblight Plain – 100 Bonus XP

Gratitude for Supplies – 100 Bonus XP

Kite Gone Missing – Unlocks “For Colony 9” quest

Lenny and Eastman’s Row – Unlocked “Shared Secrets” quest

News of Eillis – Unlocks “A Chance Encounter” quest

The Textbook – 100 Bonus XP

Yzana Plains Monsters – 100 Bonus XP

Everblight Plain

All-Slayer Oleg – 100 Bonus XP

Forward Post Camp

On High Alert – 100 Bonus XP

Supply Drops – 100 Bonus XP

Hillside Ferronis Hulk

Glitter Radishes – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Gamma

Namuki – Unlocks “Research Procedures” quest

Request from Teach – Unlocks “Teach’s Teachers” quest

Role Models – 100 Bonus XP

Trusting Teach – 100 Bonus XP

Tutor: Mio – Unlocks “Extracurricular Lesson” quest

Tutors: Sena & Eunie – Unlocks “Live Combat Training” quest

Tutor: Off-Seer – Unlocks “A Lesson in Off-Seeing” quest

Ysorra’s Request – Unlocks “Special Instructors” quest

Tsang Camp

Snow – 100 Bonus XP

Fornis Discussions

Colony 4

Changes – 100 Bonus XP

Colony 4’s Problems – Unlocks “No Want of Courage” hero quest

Colony 4 Revitalized – Unlocks “Beyond Mercy and Revenge” quest

Colony 9 Lately – Unlocks

Crossing the Vortex – 100 Bonus XP

Ferronis Hulks – 100 Bonus XP

Herding Monsters – Unlocks “Charity and Hypocrisy” quest

Imogen at Colony 4 – Part of “Lost Friend” quest

Monsters Around Colony 4 – 100 Bonus XP

Tactitian Plan – Unlocks “Tactical Eradication” quest

Irritation – Unlocks “Exhausted Supplies” quest

Unsent Husks – Unlocks “Meloday of Mourning” quest

Lake Rezzento Camp

Fog and Annihilation – 100 Bonus XP

Desert Ferronis Hulk

Keeping Clean – 100 Bonus XP

Llyn Nyddwr Camp

Crafting Gems – 100 Bonus XP

Tableland Ferronis Hulk

A Mysterious Assailant – 100 Bonus XP

Saffronia Tree

Nia’s Memories

Selias Terrace Camp

Ether Cylinder – 100 Bonus XP

Colony 30

About Armus – 100 Bonus XP

Colony 30’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “Serene Melody” quest

Expeditionary Mission – Unlocks “The Missing Squad” quest

Favorite Levnises – 100 Bonus XP

Free Nopon – 100 Bonus XP

The Real Perpetrator – Unlocks “The True Culprit?” quest

Yuzet’s Reputation – Unlocks “Big Friendly Friend” quest

Widespread Custom – Unlocks “Wish Upon a Clover” quest

Colony Iota

Collectopedia Abuse – Unlocks “Bugs” quest

Collectopedia Cards – 100 Bonus XP

Goods in Storage – Unlocks “Scant Supplies” quest

The Mondo – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Iota’s Goods – Unlocks “Enemies and Allies” quest

Ouroborous Research – Unlocks “The Ouroborous Experiment” quest

Pentelas Region Discussions

Ruins of Seebu Camp

Nopon Cooking – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Lambda

Auto-Levs – 100 Bonus XP

Auto-Lev Situation – Unlocks “Restart” quest

Bountiful Ether – Unlocks “Surplus Supply” quest

Colony Lambda’s Canteen – Unlocks “Lambda’s Problem” quest

Colony Lambda’s Defenses – Unlocks “New Developments” quest

Colony Lambda’s Escellence – 100 Bonus XP

Missing Off-Seer – Unlocks “The Lost Off-Seer” quest

Urayan Mountains – 100 Bonus XP

Cascade Ferronis Hulk

Nopon Levnises – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Tau

Colony Tau’s Off-Seer – Unlocks “Off-Seeing Customs” quest

Food for Tau – Unlocks “Tau-Tirkin Alliance” quest

Forest Living – 100 Bonus XP

Harvest Time – Unlocks “The Harvest” quest

Herbal Tea – 100 Bonus XP

Korresia’s Return – Unlocks “Korresia Finds her Calling” quest

Mushroom Knowledge – 100 Bonus XP

Raine’s Departure – Unlocks “The Hunter” quest

Rope Slides – 100 Bonus XP

Strength-Giving Water – Unlocks “Water of Rhonnar” quest

The Nopon are here – Unlocks “Cultural Exchange” quest

The Returned – 100 Bonus XP

Where’s Imogen – Unlocks “Lost Friend” quest

Engardo Pass Camp

Tirkins and Gogols – 100 Bonus XP

Tower Camp

Nia’s Memories

Keves Castle Region Discussions

Colony 11

Clad’s Unit – Unlocks “Indomitable” quest

Colony 11’s Future – Unlocks “Three Ravens at War” quest

Annihilator – 100 Bonus XP

Easel’s Unit – Unlocks “Rules of the Hunt” quest

Fortifying Food – 100 Bonus XP

Zoren’s Unit – Unlocks “A Warrior’s Pride” quest

Fort O’Virbus

Achievement – 100 Bonus XP

Curious Picture – Unlocks “An Artist” quest

City Discussions


A “Novel” Book – Unlocks “Writer’s Block” quest

Aionios’ Strongest

Blades – 100 Bonus XP

City Clothing – 100 Bonus XP

City Discontent – Unlocks “Choices” quest

Colony 15 Folk – Unlocks “Life in the City” quest

Fortune Clover – Unlocks “Side Story: Eunie” hero quest

Gray’s Autonomy – Unlocks “Lovebirds” quest

Guernica Vandham – Unlocks “Vandham’s heir ” hero quest

Joulietta’s Attitude – Unlocks “Joulietta and Romero” quest

Nia’s Memories

Reading – 100 Bonus XP

Someone’s Sheet Music – Unlocks “Counterpoint” quest

Scavenging – Unlocks “The Scavenger Force” quest

Six Houses Enmity – 100 Bonus XP

The Colony 15 Folk – Unlock “Colony 15 Soldiers missing” quest

White Fog on Erithia Sea (Part 2) – Unlocks “The Mysterious White Fog” quest

Cadensia Region Discussions

Great Sword’s Base

Curious About Training – Unlocks “Side Story: Lanz” hero quest

Eryth Sea

White Fog at Sea – Find part 2 in City

Corne Island

Nautical Navigation – 100 Bonus XP

Colony Mu

Colony Mu’s Future – Unlocks “Unease” quest

Colony Mu’s Salute – 100 Bonus XP

Delicious Cooking – 100 Bonus XP

Nicknames – 100 Bonus XP

Tallow’s Reputation – Unlocks “To Face Forward” quest

What Washed Ashore – Unlocks “Distress Signal” quest

Lost Colony

The Peacful Life – 100 Bonus XP

Gromrice – 100 Bonus XP

Prison Camp

Life in Li Garte Prison – Unlocks “Prison Refurbishment” quest

Agnus Castle Region Discussions

Ascension Grounds

Aggy and Oggy – 100 Bonus XP

Castle Prisoners – Unlocks “The Three Fiends” quest

Enduring the Days – 100 Bonus XP

Eyepatches – 100 Bonus XP

Nia’s Memories

Seeker’s Rumors – Unlocks “Seeker’s True Intent” quest

The Sea – Side Story: Taion

Swordfighter (Noah)

Noah’s default class

Zephyr (Mio)

Mio’s default class

Medic Gunner (Eunie)

Eunie’s default class

Tactician (Taion)

Taion’s default class

Heavy Guard (Lanz)

Lanz’s default class

Ogre (Sena)

Sena’s default class

Flash Fencer (Ethel)

Unlocked through story progression

No Want of Courage Quest Guide - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

War Medic (Valdi)

Unlocked through story progression

Guardian Commander (Zeon)

Unlocked through quest Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is Quest Guide - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Thaumaturge (Teach)

Unlocked through quest Going Beyond Power

Yumsmith (Riku and Manana)

Unlocked through quest A Nopon’s Counsel

Full Metal Jaguar (Gray)

Unlocked through the quest A Gray Matter

A Gray Matter Quest Guide - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Strategos (Isurd)

Unlocked through quest Unwavering Resolve

Unwavering Resolve Quest Guide - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Stalker (Juniper)

Unlocked through story progression

Lone Exile (Ashera)

Unlocked through quest The Wrath of Ashera

Incursor (Alexandria)

Unlocked through quest Her Reasons

Her Reasons Quest Guide (Unlocking Colony IOTA) - Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Lost Vanguard (Monica)

Unlocked through quest Vandham’s heir

Signifer (Fiona)

Unlocked through quest Transperent Dreams

Soulhacker (Triton)

Martial Artist (Ghondor)

Unlocked through story progression

Troubadour ()

Unlocked through story progression

To learn new recipes you have to order food in the cantines of colonies.

Colony 4Mixed-Veg Torpedo Wrap
Enemy Gold Boost 15%
Kerfluffled Torpedo Wrap
Enemy Gold Boost 10%
Enemy Drop Boost 5%
Colony 9Yapolta Veggie-Beans
CP Boost 20%
Feisty-Spicy Zestbeans
CP Boost 15%
Collectible Boost 5%
Colony 11Mild Game Stew
CP Boost 30%
Mild Sizzle-Fizzle Stew
CP Boost 20%
Collectible Boost 10%
Colony 30Fish-Fillet Toastie
Enemy Drop Boost 20%
Brisky-Breezy Toastie
Enemy Drop Boost 15%
Collectible Boost 15%
Keves CastleCured-Meat Vizzard
EXP Boost 40%
Ritzy-Glitzy Saucy Vizzard
EXP Boost 30%
Collectible Boost 20%
Colony LambdaRedfish Grillwrap
EXP Boost 20%
Squishy-Fishy Grillwrap
EXP Boost 15%
Collectible Boost 5%
Colony GammaMeat ‘n’ Veg Leclati
Enemy Gold Boost 20%
Stringy-Wingy Veggie Leclati
EXP Boost 5%
Enemy Gold Boost 15%
Colony IotaRiverbird Crispygrill
Enemy Gold Boost 30%
Full-Filling Crispygrill
Enemy Gold Boost 25%
Collectible Boost 15%
Colony MuSunny-Style Fish Pie
Collectible Boost 40%
Creamy Dreamy Fish Pie
Enemy Drop Boost 20%
Collectible Boost 45%
Colony TauMaktha Ever-Greens
Enemy Drop Boost
Well-Dressed Maktha Salad
Enemy Gold Boost 10%
Enemy Drop Boost 20%
Agnus CastleErysthia Sashimi Plate
CP Boost 40%
Highly-Pile Ocean’s Bounty
CP Boost 30%
Enemy Drop Boost 10%
Prison CampNutritious Block Bar
Enemy Drop Boost 40%
CityAcqua Pazza a la City
EXP Boost 25%
Cerise-Caprise Acqua Pazza
EXP Boost 20%
Enemy Drop Boost 10%
CityWhole Wild Lobster
EXP Boost 10%
CP Boost 10%
Enemy Gold Boost 10%
Saucy-Glossy Gem Lobster
EXP Boost 10%
CP Boost 10%
Enemy Gold Boost 5%

An Artist

A Burning Curiosity

A Burning Curiosity, Part 2

A Difficult Transition

A Gray Matter

A Lesson in Off-Seeing

A More Balanced Recipe

An Off-Seer’s Anguish

A Nopon’s Counsel

A Twist of Fate

A Warrior’s Pride

A Young Noble’s Request

Beyond Mercy and Revenge

Big Friendly Friend


Castle Access

Charity and Hypocrisy


Collapsed Traderpon

Colony 15 Soldiers Missing


Culinary Repertoire

Cultural Exchange

Distress Signal

Doing It My Way

Dorin and Bambam

Enemies and Allies

Exhausted Supplies

Extracurricular Lesson

Farewell Melody

Fear of the Unknown

Finite Time

First Day of Prison

Fla’ran Request

Forgotten Supplies

Friendly Support

Going Beyond Power

Going Home


Harvest Day

Helping Out

Her Reasons

Imminent Illusion



In Search of a Home

Jeremy’s Request

Joulietta and Romero

Korresia Finds Her Calling

Lambda’s Problem

Lean Times in Colony 9

Learning From Lambda

Life in the City

Live Combat Training

Lost Friend

Lost Stones


Melody of Mourning

Merciless Pursuit

Missing Luggage

Missing Parts

Natural Selection

New Developments

Nopon Register

No Want of Courage

Off-Seeing Customs

Preparing for Battle

Prison Refurbishment

Promise to the Future

Research Procedures


Riku and Manana

Romero and Joulietta

Rousing Bolearis

Rules of the Hunt

Scant Supplies

Second Day of Prison

Securing Supplies

Serene Melody

Severed Connection

Shadow of Enmity

Shared Secret

Shock to the System

Side Story: Eunie

Side Story: Lanz

Side Story: Mio

Side Story: Noah

Side Story: Sena

Side Story: Taoin

So Much More to See

Special Instructors

Stolen Provisions

Supplies in the Wind

Surplus Supply


Tactical Eradication

Tau-Tirkin Alliance

Teach’s Teachers

The Atoll Hulk

The Battlescar Hulk

The Big, Unseen Monster

The Cascade Hulk

The Castle Beckons

The Clifftop Hulk

The Desert Hulk

The Harvest

The Hillside Hulk

The Hunter

The Illusion Returns

The Kind Right Hand

The Lost Off-Seer

The Missing Squad

The Mysterious White Fog

Theoretical Knowledge

The Ouroboros Experiment

The Sandbar Hulk

The Scavenger Force

The Tableland Hulk

Thrill of the Hunt!

The True Culprit?

The Ultimate Vessel

The Wildwood Life

The Wrath of Ashera

Third Day of Prison

Three Ravens at War

To Face Forward

Transparent Dreams


Uniting the Seven Nopon

Unsolved Riddle

Unspeakable Being

Unwavering Resolve

Vandham’s Heir

Water of Rhonnar

Where The Heart Is

Wish Upon a Clover

Writer’s Block

Yorde’s Request

Theoretical Knowledge all correct answers – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Theoretical Knowledge Part 1

What should an Attacker typically do if targeted by the enemy?

  • Redouble your attack.
  • Pull back and wait for a Defender to assist. <- correct answer
  • Give up.

What is the most important component of a Chain Attack?

  • Timing
  • Everyone’s enthusiasm
  • The balance of roles within the party <- correct answer

What name is given to class-specific techniques?

  • Special Arts
  • Unique Arts
  • Talent Arts <- correct answer

Which of these combo routes is wrong?

  • Break -> Topple -> Launch -> Smash
  • Break -> Topple -> Daze -> Burst
  • Break -> Topple -> Daze -> Beguiling Charms <- correct answer

Whose role is it to attract the enemy’s attention?

  • Soldiers targeted by the enemy
  • Defenders <- correct answer
  • Strong fighters

Which attacks weaken the enemy?

  • Buffs
  • Debuffs <- correct answer
  • Passive

Which one of these is not a benefit of inflicting Daze?

  • Attacks always hit.
  • All allies recover HP. <- correct answer
  • Normal arts will not accumulate aggro.

What happens to some enemies when they’re in trouble?

  • They get enraged. <- correct answer
  • They become alert.
  • They get confused.

Theoretical Knowledge Part 2

What’s the name of the desert in the Fornis region?

  • Silver Desert
  • Sabbagh Desert
  • Dannagh Desert <- correct answer

What’s the highest rank in a colony?

  • Consul <- correct answer
  • Commander
  • Ouroboros

Which statement about the Flame Clocks in the Iris is correct?

  • In Keves it’s in the left eye, Agnus the right.
  • In Keves it’s in the right eye, Agnus the left. <- correct answer
  • In both Keves and Agnus it’s in both eyes.

Which colony rank comes after Copper?

  • Tin
  • Steel
  • Iron <- correct answer

What equipment is exclusive to Kevesi soldiers?

  • Blades
  • Power frames <- correct answer
  • Gems

Who led their colony to victory over three colonies simultaneosly?

  • Silvercoat Ethel <- correct answer
  • Smoldering Cammuravi
  • Lieutenant Colearis

Whaat does black fog cause?

  • Annihilation event <- correct answer
  • Extinction event
  • Obliteration event

What is the name of the jewel that can be mined at the Aetia region?

  • Crimson Moonbloom
  • Delicate Bell <- correct answer
  • Purple-Ring Pine

Where did Colony Sigma and Colony 9 fight

  • Nevernight Plain
  • Everblight Plain <- correct answer
  • Severwight Plain

What color is the smoke from airdrops?

  • White
  • Blue
  • Red <- correct answer

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you can activate 3 Amiibo per day to receive a reward. What Amiibo you use does not matter except for Shulk and the Monado skin. Each Amiibo will give you either one non set reward or a set reward with all its collectibles.

Non Set Rewards

Shulk Amiibo – Monado Skin

100 x Class Points (CP)

200 x Class Points (CP)

600 x Class Points (CP)

Nopon Coin (Silver)

7 x Nopon Coin (Silver)

700 XP

Collectibles Set 01

2 x Glitter Radish

2 x Comet Carrot

1 x Bunnit Meat

Collectibles Set 02

2 x Glitter Radish

2 x Comet Carrot

1 x Bunnit Meat

1 x Miso

Collectibles Set 04

2 x Garaffa Tenderloin

3 x Powdered Wheat

1 x Salty Cabbage

1 x Smalnut

1 x Quinini

Collectibles Set 05

1 x Cured Armu Sirloin

1 x Scarlet Lychee

2 x Razzle Basil

1 x Elegant Pummelo

3 x Skeeter Honey

Collectibles Set 06

1 x Milky Soy

4 x Prickle Spice

1 x Cracker Nut

3 x Crimson Moonbloom

2 x Fire Apricot

Collectibles Set 07

2 x Full-Bodied Ardun Meat

2 x Bafflestripe Gourd

2 x Filling Onion

3 x Paste Bean

1 x King Marigold

Collectibles Set 08

2 x Refreshing Piranhax Meat

2 x Silverseed

2 x Clusterelle

1 x Plate Pothos

2 x Condimenut

Collectibles Set 09

4 x Compressed Ansel Meat

2 x Purple Pepper

3 x Jasper Coriander

1 x Monstrum Mango

1 x Aldae Evridae

Collectibles Set 10

2 x Cured Armu Sirloin

2 x Muscat Noir

3 x Million-Leaf Dill

1 x Armored Chestnut

1 x Minionion

Collectible Set 11

2 x Refreshing Piranhax Meat

1 x Whisper Tomato

3 x Bizarrenacle

1 x Ring Guava

2 x Metamorphosage

Collectible Set 13

3 x Fatty Serprond Fillet

2 x Rainbow Boronia

3 x Babybubble Berry

2 x Neo Walnut

2 x Squeezy Lime

Collectibles Set 14

1 x Thick Moramora Fin

1 x Sundialflower

2 x Ingot Carrot

3 x Relief Bean

1 x Wand Burdock

Collectibles Set 15

3 x Noise Bite

2 x Skyclam

3 x Fluffy Cloud Ear

1 x Knockout Wasabi

2 x Egg Seed

Collectibles Set 16

2 x Glowing Gyaark Fin

2 x Fatty Serprond Fillet

1 x Quality Red Krodlax Meat

1 x Dish Philodendron

3 x Galaxy Swirl

Collectibles Set 17

3 x Smushi Rice

2 x Glitter Radish

1 x Refreshing Piranhax Meat

2 x Soyprimo Sauce

Collectibles Set 18

1 x Mottlemarble Aries Meat

1 x Lucky Marrin Thickcuts

1 x Cozy Rhogul Egggems

1 x Killjoy Crustip Meat

Collectibles Set 19

1 x Jade Lobster

3 x Potatwo

1 x Amethyst Melon

3 x White Melonball

Collectibles Set 20

3 x Tasty Sausage

1 x Pink Asparagus

3 x Thousand Carrot

2 x Frangible Yam

1 x Lucky Spice

Collectibles Set 21

1 x Glitter Radish

1 x Comet Carrot

3 x Transcendent Tenderloin

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Ahad Nebula2Origin (Supply Storage #1, Hangar)
Airy Whelk1Cadensia Region (Bannis Path, Daedal Isle)
Albinite1Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Corne Island, Thurbin Island, Lavi Sandbar)
Ald Manipulator1Origin (Supply Storage #1, Hangar)
Aldae Evridae1Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar), Nopon Trader (Colony Tau)
All-Nighter Pot2Fornis Region
All-Terrain Cart2Container
Amethyst Melon2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Morrack Inlet, Twinpalm Isle)
Anarchy Orchid1Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand)
Android Gear2Pentelas Region (Old Way Camp), Clifftop Fabricator
Anti-Grav Chassis1Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing)
Aquabello1Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11)
Armored Chestnut1Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand)
Armu Barley1Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing, Colony Mu)
Assembly Conductor1Keves Castle Region (Colony 11)
Atmos Sapphire1Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11)
Baby Coral1Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea)
Babybubble Berry2Cadensia Region (Colony Mu), Mu Traderpon
Bafflestripe Gourd2Pentelas Region (Myma Gate), Clifftop Fabricator
Balm Balsa1Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Beaconstone1Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track)
Beaknib Quill1Container, Battlescar Fabricator
Beatiful Shoot3Cadensia Region (Bannis Path, Prison Perimeter Outlet), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Behemoth Fossil3Aetia Region (Kilmarris Highland, Captocorn Pass), Battlescar Fabricator
Bezoarite2Aetia Region (Loch Ciel)
Bismuth Slab1Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine), Drop Event Hox, Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Bitter Melon Fossil1Swordmarch (City Entrance)
Bizarrenacle1Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp)
Black Blossom1Swordmarch (City Entrance)
Black Cover1Origin (Force Field Generator Base)
Black Iris3Pentelas Region (Myma Gate)
Black Kiwi2Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Black Liver Bean3Pentelas Region (Island North of Vista of Rhonnar), Drop Event Hox, Clifftop Fabricator
Blood Emerald1Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Nopon Trader (Colony Tau)
Bloody Doomcap3Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill), Everlight Plain, Battlescar Fabricator
Blue Chain2Aetia Region (Colony 9), Battlescar Fabricator
Blue Sorghum1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Morrack Inlet, Twinpalm Isle)
Bobbing Anemone1Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea, Vinisong Holm Camp)
Bronze Wood2Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Bubblesia2Pentelas Region (Titan Rock Camp) In the Lake with all the Amoney
Bullet Screen3Fornis Region (Bennel Cave, Distant Fingertip)
Buloofo Fossil2Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill, Tsang Camp)
Buoyant Bauxite2Cadensia Region (Corne Island), Hox Red Mark Drop
Burned Rice Sugar2Container
Capronite1Fornis Region (Zorza’s Stonehammer), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Carnomile2Cadensia Region (Prison Perimeter Outlet)
Cavalcade Mussel1Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Chariot Spinner1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Chewy Radish1Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Chocfruit1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Colony Mu)
Chrysanthemany2Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand)
Citribell1Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Claw-Marked Shield2Cadensia Region (Corne Islan), Gulkin Red Mark Drop
Cling Seed1Aetia Region (Forward Post Camp)
Clusterelle1Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Comet Carrot2Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way), Nopon Trader (Colony 4)
Condimenut1Pentelas Region (Aquifer Exhaust)
Coruscant Coral3Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea, The Aegis Sea)
Cotton Branch2Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Cracker Nut3Aetia Region (Shark’s Jaws Cape), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Crimson Moonbloom1Aetia Region (Coolley Pool Camp), Nopon Trader (Colony Gamma)
Crispy Peach2Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Curegrass1Pentelas Region (Myma Gate)
Curse Branch2Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar)
Dainty Shroom1Pentelas Region (Sparkling Pool Camp), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Dance Apple3Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Dark Fish Fossil1Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp)
Dark Grape2Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Death Mushroom2Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill), Battlescar Fabricator
Delerium Foxglove3Swordmarch (Dolgan Cliff), Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet)
Delicate Bell3Aetia Region (Colony 9), Battlescar Fabricator
Demon Marble3Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Deodorugula2Aetia Region (Kilmarris Highland), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Dessica Bean1Aetia Region, Fabricator
Diamond Skin2Origin (Supply Storage #1)
Digging Sandfly Fossil1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Corne Island, Lavi Sandbar, Colony Mu)
Dilemma Rock3Aetia Region, Drop Event Krabble
Dish Philodendron2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Thorbin Island, Colony Mu)
Doomsday Poppy2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Dowdy Armor Kernel1Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill)
Dream Lemon1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Drumstick Leek1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Thurbin Island), Mu Traderpon
Dusticite1Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11)
Dynamic Coating2Keves Castle Region (Castle 1st Floor), Prison Camp Fabricator
Egg Seed1Cadensia Region (Prison Perimeter Woodland)
Electric Cricket Fossil2Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track)
Elegant Pummelo1Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp)
Empress Lettuce2Fornis Region (Conqueror’s Peak)
Endurmic2Swordmarch (Material Storage Warehouse)
Escalargot2Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Ether Penguin Fossil1Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Ever-Revolfin1Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill)
Fancy Bolt2Fornis Reagion (Old Kana Battlefield), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Filling Onion2Aetia Region (Sepulchral Cliffpath), Nopon Trader (Colony Gamma)
Fire-Fighting Hydrojet2Fornis Region, Fabricator
Fire Apricot2Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way), Nopon Trader (Colony 4), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Fire Pepper1Swordmarch (Material Storage Warehouse)
Flake Crystal2Aetia Region (Loch Ciel)
Flammethyst2Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Flaskform Aquapolyp2Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea)
Fleeting Plum3Fornis Region
Fleet Shimeji1Fornis Reagion (Llyn Nyddwr Camp), Nopon Trader (Colony 4)
Fluffy Cloud Ear2Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp, Prison Perimeter Outlet)
Fluid Cranker2Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing)
Fool’s Chrome2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Radial Outlook), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Fortune Clover3Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa) after Quest completed.
Fossil Monkey Fossil1Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Frag Coral2Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea)
Fragrant Grass2Aetia Region (Shark’s Jaws Cape)
Frangible Yam1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle)
Galaxy Swirl2Cadensia Region (Pioneer’s Inlet, Twinpalm Isle)
Gemini Controller1Origin (Force Field Generator Base, Amplifier 2)
Giant’s Limb3Pentelas Region (Old Way Camp)
Giant Hornet Fossil1Aetia Region (Watchpoint Bridge, Tsang Camp)
Gimme Lettuce2Pentelas Region (Colony Tau), Nopon Trader (Colony Tau)
Girder Potato1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle), Mu Traderpon
Glare Aubergine1Pentelas Region (Island North of Vista of Rhonnar, Warning Tree), Clifftop Fabricator
Glitter Radish1Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Glittersmoke Candle2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle)
Gloomy Pitcher Plant3Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar), Clifftop Fabricator
Gloss Reactor1Swordmarch (Dolgan Cliff)
Glowplug2Aetia Region (Sepulchral Cliffpath)
Glueshroom1Keves Castle Region (2nd Island south of Colony 11)
Gold Burdock2Cadensia Region (Prison Perimeter Outlet)
Gold Condenser2Swordmarch (Dolgan Cliff)
Golden Beetroot2Fornis Region (Singbreeze Funnel)
Goldleaf Cypress3Keves Castle Region (Colony 11)
Grandcoat Stoneoak3Pentelas Region (Tower Camp), Clifftop Fabricator
Grape Anemone1Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea, Daedal Isle)
Greedstone1Aetia Region (Alfeto Valley Mouth)
Green Diode3Keves Castle Region (Castle 2nd Floor)
Green Nectarine1Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar, Sparkling Pool Camp, Warning Tree)
Griffox Fossil2Fornis Region (Namba)
Gromrice1Pentelas Region (Ruins of Sebebu Camp), Clifftop Fabricator
Gulkin Seaweed Snack2Cadensia Region, Gulkin Red Mark Drop
Gungnir Celeblade2Fornis Region, Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Gyanna Fossil2Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Hadron Unit1Origin (Supply Storage #1, Hangar)
Harmony Ebony2Pentelas Region (Island north of Vista Rhonnar), Clifftop Fabricator
Heart Peach3Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11)
Heavy Pomgranate1Cadensia Region (Twinpalm Isle, Prison Camp Freight Gate)
Heavy-Duty Firelighter2Fornis Region
Helix Conch3Pentelas Region (Titan Rock Camp), Clifftop Fabricator
Helix Tube3Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill), Battlescar Fabricator
Hexa-Stabilizer1Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11)
Heyday Poplar2Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11), Prison Camp Fabricator
Hide ‘n’ Creeper2Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp)
Hiero Loop2Origin (Force Field Generator Base, Amplifier 2)
Honey Lily1Fornis Reagion (Magglia Lake)
Honey Plum2Cadensia Region (Prison Perimeter Outlet)
Honking Shrub3Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp, Colony Mu), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Impact Rock2Keves Castle Region (Hovering Reef 2 Camp)
Ingot Carrot2Aetia Region (Kilmarris Highland), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Ink Mollusk1Aetia Region (Riccalo Pond)
Ion Booster1Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing)
Ironclad Undershirt2Prison Camp Fabricator
Jade Coral1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Vinisong Holm Camp)
Jade Lobster2Cascade Fabricator, Clifftop Fabricator, Battlescar Fabricator
Jaggy Pecan1Fornis Reagion (Singbreeze Funnel)
Jagron Fossil1Fornis Region (Bennel Cave)
Jalapenoki1Fornis Reagion (Singbreeze Funnel), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Jasper Coriander2Aetia Region (Loch Ciel), Nopon Trader (Colony Gamma)
Jazz Engine2Keves Castle Region (Castle 2nd Floor), Prison Camp Fabricator
Jet Breccia2Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Juicy Broccoli3Fornis Region (Conqueror’s Peak)
Juicy Grape3Nopon Trader (Colony Tau), Clifftop Fabricator
Juicy Melon2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Morrack Inlet)
Kaleidoscelery1Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand), Nopon Trader (Colony 4), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Kelp Mushroom1Pentelas Region (Sparkling Pool Camp), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Kelp Nameko3Pentelas Region, Clifftop Fabricator
Khaki Kernel3Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
King Marigold2Pentelas Region (Myma Gate)
Knockout Wasabi1Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet, Prison Perimeter Outlet)
Kromar Fossil3Cadensia Region (Corne Island, Thurbin Island, Lavi Sandbar, The Aegis Sea), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Lacquerwood2Aetia Region (Sepulchral Cliffpath)
Lagoonite3Cadensia Region (Corne Island, The Aegis Sea), Hox Red Mark Drop
Laia Fossil1Cadensia Region (Lavi Sandbar)
Lantern Coral1Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Leech Agaric2Fornis Region (Old Kana Battlefield), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Levnite2Fornis Region (Raptor Perch)
Lexos Fossil3Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Clifftop Fabricator
Lily of the Sunny Valley3Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp)
Limber Lady2Fornis Region (Conqueror’s Peak)
Limelightstone2Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Lively Quartz1Cadensia Region (Radial Outlook)
Longleaf1Fornis Reagion (Llyn Nyddwr Camp)
Lozenge Diamond3Keves Castle Region (Hovering Reef 2 Camp)
Lucent Amber2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle), Quadwing Red Mark Drop
Lucifurnace2Fornis Reagion (Old Kana Battlefield)
Lucky Spice3Swordmarch (Material Storage Warehouse), Nopon Trader (City)
Lunar Rail1Origin (Supply Storage #1, Hangar)
Magitech Core3Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Mallow-o’-the-Marsh1Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Master Spanner2Cascade Husk Fabricator
Matryos Carbon1Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill)
Maximushroom3Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp), Nopon Trader (City)
Medical Towel2Gulkin Red Mark Drop, Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Messier Actuator1Origin (Force Field Generator Base, Amplifier 2)
Metomorphosage2Swordmarch, Nopon Trader (City)
Micropuff2Aetia Region (Luca’s Eyot), Nopon Trader (Colony Gamma)
Milk Sory2Aetia Region (Colony 9), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Mille-Feuille Rock1Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Millenial Clay1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Million-Leaf Dill1Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Minionion1Pentelas Region (Sparkling Pool Camp)
Miraculite3Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand, Distant Fingertip)
Missing Tree3Fornis Region (Conqueror’s Peak)
Misty Asparagus2Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way), Nopon Trader (Colony 4)
Mjölnir Celeblade2Fornis Region
Mobility Thruster1Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Modern Resistor1Origin (Force Field Generator Base, Amplifier 2)
Monochromagnetite1Cadensia Region (Corne Island, Lavi Sandbar)
Monstrum Mango1Pentelas Region (Colony Tau), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Mossaic Petal1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Thurbin Island)
Mudclam1Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track)
Munchygrub Fossil1Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Muscat Noir2Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Nail Stone2Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track)
Naiti-Nait1Pentelas Region (Island North of Vista of Rhonnar), Clifftop Fabricator
Neo Walnut2Cadensia Region (Corne Island, Colony Mu), Mu Traderpon, Gulkin Red Mark Drop
Neuro Connector2Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing)
Noise Bite1Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Corne Island)
Nova Drive3Origin (Amplifier Control Room, Ferronis Arsenal #2, Hangar)
Ocean Polyp1Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp, Eryth Sea)
Ocular Sensor1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Obscurian2Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Obsidian Berry2Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar, Engardo Pass Camp)
Oil Lentil1Pentelas Region (Old Way Camp), Tau Traderpon, Cascade Fabricator
Oil Oyster Fossil2Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Orbshell1Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Panda Pansy2Aetia Region (Colony 9), Battlescar Fabricator
Parched Branch1Pentelas Region (Old Way Camp)
Parisax Fossil3Fornis Region (Zorza’s Stonehammer)
Parvenu Pea3Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Corne Island, Colony Mu), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Paste Bean2Aetia Region (Loch Ciel), Nopon Trader (Colony Gamma)
Pearl Snail2Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea)
Peachy Truffle2Cadensia Region (Prison Perimeter Outlet)
Pentashroom3Pentelas Region (Sparkling Pool Camp), Clifftop Fabricator
Perfume Herb1Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Corne Island)
Pillowshroom1Aetia Region (Alfeto Valley Mouth)
Pink Asparagus2Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet), Nopon Trader (City)
Pione Stone3Pentelas Region (Ruins of Seebu Camp)
Plate Pothos1Aetia Region (Colony 9), Nopon Trader (Colony Gamma)
Plumage Peach3Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Thurbin Island), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Pointed Obsidian1Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Poison Ivy2Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp)
Poison Steel1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Polar Pearl3Fornis Region (Dies Arch)
Polarizing Pip2Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Colony Mu)
Polychromium1Cadensia Region (Vinisong Holm Camp, Colony Mu)
Ponio Fossil1Aetia Region (Riccalo Pond)
Popper Pumpkin1Aetia Region (Colony 9)
Potatwo2Fornis Reagion (Llyn Nyddwr Camp)
Powdered Wheat1Fornis Region (Lake Rezzento Camp), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Powder Pearl2Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Clifftop Fabricator
Prickle Spice1Aetia Region (Colony 9), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Project-a-Blade1Pentelas Region (Old Way Camp)
Prop Branch1Cadensia Region (Bannis Path, Farview Cape, Colony Mu), Mu Traderpon
Pulpgrass2Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar), Nopon Trader (Colony Tau), Clifftop Fabricator
Purple-Ring Pine1Aetia Region (Shark’s Jaws Cape)
Purple Lamp3Swordmarch, Bunnit Red Mark Drop
Purple Pepper1Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Puzzletree Wood3Aetia Region (Sepulchral Cliffpath), Battlescar Fabricator
Quantum Gearbox2Origin (Force Field Generator Base, Amplifier 2)
Quinini1Fornis Region (Zem’s Crossway)
Rainbow Boronia1Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle), Mu Traderpon
Razzle Basil1Aetia Region (Riccalo Pond), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Red Nameko2Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Red-Veined Coral3Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea, The Aegis Sea)
Redrum Seed1Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Relief Bean2Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand), Nopon Trader (Colony 4)
Reluctant Fern1Swordmarch (Dolgan Cliff)
Revenant Automation3Swordmarch (City Entrance)
Riik Fossil1Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Ring Guava2Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet), Nopon Trader (City), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Ripple Peridot1Fornis Region (Bennel Cave)
Rockabye Basalt1Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill)
Royal Red Scallop3Cadensia Region (Eryth Sea, The Aegis Sea), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Rubber Wood1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Ruby Pineapple3Fornis Region (Magglia Lake)
Ruska2Aetia Region (Alfeto Valley Mouth)
Sage Spinel1Aetia Region (Tsang Camp)
Salty Cabbage1Fornis Reagion (Llyn Nyddwr Camp)
Salty Soil3Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track), Clifftop Fabricator
Sand Curler2Pentelas Region (Garf Mine Track)
Scarlet Lychee1Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand)
Schorl Mushroom2Pentelas Region (Island North of Vista of Rhonnar), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Scissor-Piece Seed1Swordmarch (City Entrance)
Seafoam Soap2Aetia Region, Container
Secret Turf3Battlescar Fabricator
Serenity Jet1Fornis Region (Conqueror’s Peak)
Shaded Acorn1Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Sheen Cedar1Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Sheer Guard1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Shepherd’s Purse2Aetia Region (Loch Ciel)
Shimmer Leaf2Pentelas Region (Vista of Rhonnar)
Shiny Rose1Pentelas Region (Ruins of Sebebu Camp), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Shrinking Orchid3Aetia Region (Alfeto Valley Mouth), Battlescar Fabricator
Sickle Cricket Fossil1Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Silent Turbine1Swordmarch (Dolgan Cliff)
Silent Wood1Cadensia Region (Corne Island, Colony Mu)
Silky White Sash2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator, Gulkin Red Mark Drop
Silverseed2Pentelas Region (Myma Gate)
Skyclam1Cadensia Region (Bannis Path, Eryth Sea)
Smalnut2Fornis Region (Great Idalla Ravine)
Smushi Rice1Aetia Region (Luca’s Eyot)
Snow Conch2Aetia Region (Shark’s Jaws Cape), Battlescar Fabricator
Snow Pansy3Swordmarch (City Entrance)
Spheric Rock1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Spicy Nut2Pentelas Region (Colony Lambda), Clifftop Fabricator
Spirit Clematis2Fornis Region (Wall of the Great Hand)
Splendorshell3Aetia Region (Luca’s Eyot)
Splodespore3Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp)
Spring Cedar1Aetia Region (Sepulchral Cliffpath)
Squeezy Lime1Pentelas Region (Aquifer Exhaust)
Squishy Fishcake2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Corne Island), Gulkin Red Mark Drop
Steady Onyx1Fornis Reagion (Old Kana Battlefield)
Stimulime3Fornis Region (Ordell Ravine Way)
Stinger Pile1Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Stoicite2Aetia Region (Colony 9), Battlescar Fabricator
Strong Dandelion1Aetia Region (Sepulchral Cliffpath)
Suite Pea2Aetia Region (Shark’s Jaws Cape)
Sundialflower1Pentelas Region (Ruins of Sebebu Camp)
Sunny Aloe2Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet, Twinpalm Isle)
Surge Circuit1Pentelas Region (Old Way Camp)
Sweetcap1Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet)
Syrup Spruce1Fornis Reagion (Llyn Nyddwr Camp), Tableland Hulk Fabricator
Tafetta Lobster2Hills Fabricator, Cascade Fabricator, Clifftop Fabricator
Tasty Sausage2Hills Fabricator
Tearaway Oak1Pentelas Region (Ruins of Sebebu Camp), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Ten-Term Palm1Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp, Corne Island, Colony Mu)
Tentacled Oyster1Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp)
Thermal Parts1Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing)
Thick Flange1Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing)
Thinskin1Cadensia Region (Fuller Elevator Landing, Morrack Inlet)
Thirstweed1Cadensia Region (Farview Cape, Colony Mu)
Thleepy Clover2Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Thousand Carrot2Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet, Colony Mu), Nopon Trader (City)
Three-Fold Transistor2Keves Castle Region (Castle, 2nd Floor)
Tirkingrass1Pentelas Region (Titan Rock Camp), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Towering Lily2Swordmarch (City Entrance)
Transcendent Tenderloin3Pentelas Region (Colony 5)
Trippleg Joint1Fornis Reagion (Old Kana Battlefield)
Trusty Hunter’s Tool2Clifftop Fabricator
Tude Fossil2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle, Morrack Inlet)
Twin Generators1Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill)
Twooth Clover1Fornis Region (Shikashaka Mesa)
Ultramarine Ant Fossil2Swordmarch (Dolgan Cliff)
Urchon Fossil1Cadensia Region (Lavi Sandbar)
Usherine2Aetia Region (Alfeto Valley Mouth)
Vagrant Jade2Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Varicini2Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Venera Thruster2Origin (Supply Storage #1, Hangar)
Vermilion Bark3Cadensia Region (Headwater Camp, Morrack Inlet, Colony Mu)
Vivid Alexandrite2Cadensia Region (Daedal Isle), Quadwing Red Mark Drop, Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Vortex Panel3Origin (Amplifier No. 2: Upper Gate, Ferronis Arsenal #2)
Wakeshroom1Cadensia Region (Morrack Inlet), Sandbar Hulk Fabricator
Wand Burdock1Aetia Region (Shark’s Jaws Cape), Nopon Trader (Colony 9)
Warning Lamp3Fornis Reagion (Old Kana Battlefield, Distant Fingertip)
Warrior Screw2Fornis Region (Conqueror’s Peak)
Wetstone2Keves Castle Region (Island south of Colony 11), Prison Camp Fabricator
Whisper Tomato3Cadensia Region (Twinpalm Isle)
White Cover1Origin (Force Field Generator Base, Amplifier 2)
White Melonball1Pentelas Region (Aquifer Exhaust), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Wiltflower1Aetia Region (Luca’s Eyot)
Winter Agate1Keves Castle Region (Penshia Portal)
Woodrum1Pentelas Region (Ruins of Sebebu Camp), Cascade Husk Fabricator
Wraithwood2Aetia Region (Torchlight Hill)
Wyrdstone3Cadensia Region (Corne Island), Quadwing Red Mark Drop, Hox Red Mark Drop
Zapcap3Fornis Region (Igno Viaduct)
Zebra Garnet1Cadensia Region (Radial Outlook, Lavi Sandbar)

Aetia Region Unique Monsters

Sycophantic Lilith (Level 5)

Lapdog Veece (Level 9)

Perturbed Bilkin (Level 13)

Indiscreet Gombaba (Level 12)

Migratory Circe (Level 14)

Househunter Carly (Level 21)

Repulsive Deepus (Level 24)

Gushing Masquin (Level 24)

Altruistic Maribel (Level 29)

Petrivore Judomar (Level 30)

Phantom Streya (Level 51)

Well-Plated Zelinka (Level 53)

Witchwind Kujjat (Level 59)

Wicked Wolf Aranqui (Level 70)

Jinguistic Gigantus (Level 80)

Perilwing Ryuho (Level 100)

Aetia Region, Upper Unique Monster

Spiralhorn Baccro (Level 56)

Stonehoof Torphan (Level 57)

Timbercorn Cthinos (Level 61)

Fang-King Clavein (Level 80)

Fornis Region Unique Monsters

Sharpwitted Tracy (Level 15)

Hazardous Jarrahed (Level 16)

Rambler Curalie (Level 17)

Unruffled Narrah (Level 19)

Perspicacious Oldar (Level 20)

Scornful Daria (Level 22)

Dapper Sepiar (Level 22)

Tenderling Rumi (Level 23)

Wraithfin Segna (Level 24)

Heretical Saurow (Level 25)

Stoneclipper Gorse (Level 25)

Crystalline DuGarre (Level 27)

Terrorbird Zieger (Level 37)

Farseer Pirtett (Level 40)

Night-Stalker Volodya (Level 42)

Unobtrusive Liggy (Level 43)

Profound Hodzuki (Level 44)

Puzzled Raquinu (Level 45)

Villainous Igna (Level 46)

Doomfang Caum (Level 50)

Joyful Nimroog (Level 69)

Impish Langobard (Level 74)

Dunesea Marcellus (Level 87)

Kilocorn Grandeps (Level 95)

Night-Stalker Volodya (Level 43)

Pentelas Region Unique Monsters

Raucous Ron (Level 27)

Shimmering Marco (Level 28)

Gallivanter Buckley (Level 30)

Frolicking Parker (Level 31)

Budding Francis (Level 32)

Phantasmagorical Rist (Level 35)

Soaring Virion (Level 36)

Massive Georges (Level 37)

Dimwitted Tirkin (Level 45)

Besieger Sheritt (Level 48)

Bushwhacker Farritt (Level 48)

Gracious Titania (Level 50)

Bloodsucking Elvis (Level 53)

Aquatic Beasts (Level 67)

Agnian Assassins (Level 82)

Immovable Gonzalez (Level 88)

Keves Castle Region Unique Monster

Craven Piggard (Level 38)

Ambusher Tirion (Level 39)

Blazing Karlos (Level 40)

Bushwacker Farritt (Level 48)

Diabolical Rindolph (Level 49)

Hornbow Dante (Level 55)

Protector Revelta (Level 64)

Infiltrator Garnach (Level 64)

Mobile Vespa (Level 41)

The Executioners (Level 42)

The Black Triad (Level 43)

Cadensia Region Unique Monster Locations

Spectral Remi (Level 42)

Littlefort Morley (Level 46)

Widdershins Radler (Level 48)

Navigator Helios (Level 48)

Taksmaster Imperion (Level 49)

Intrusive Neville (Level 49)

Barbed Merod (Level 51)

Virtous Gulkin (Level 52)

Galloping Ghuldan (Level 56)

Hardshelled Admory (Level 57)

Foolhardy Salde (Level 58)

Otherwordly Rodsin (Level 60)

Covetous Gerondon (Level 60)

Spiky Aurelia (Level 63)

Abysmal Rakshmi (Level 64)

4 Blades in the Dark (Level 65)

Whirlpool Triumvirate (Level 66)

Sharkblade Nedd (Level 67) – only while it’s raining

Sundappled Floria (Level 71)

Talkative Dirakha (Level 63)

Jealous Mizraile (Level 72)

Oceanic Lucera (Level 73)

Demonic Krenolur (Level 75)

Naval Gyrus (Level 75)

Heroic Gulkin (Level 76)

Flyswatter Kamado (Level 77)

Seatiger Tridence (Level 77) – only at Night

Ragemaw Tempeldo (Level 78)

Killhappy Brijaidor (Level 79)

Ravenous Babayaga (Level 84)

Seadragoon Melchior (Level 85)

Obliterator Centaurio (Level 91)

Levialord Empireo (Level 110)

Swordmarch Unique Monster Locations

Fireblade Faltaar (Level 47)

Origin Unique Monster Locations

Defiled Ishtar (Level 65)

Armbenders (Level 66)

Creeping Hameel (Level 67)

Pressing Rafeel (Level 69)

Clinging Azreel (Level 69)

Hollow Ones (Level 70)

Thaumawolf Bajeek (Level 71)

Reaping Anteel (Level 72)

Desired Oruria (Level 86)